Bridal hairstyles for short hair: the trendiest hairstyle for the day of the yes!

Bridal hairstyles for short hair: the trendiest hairstyle for the day of the yes!

Every bride has her own style, which is reflected in all the choices she makes about her marriage. From the location to the placeholders, from the theme of the wedding to the type of favors: everything speaks of the couple and, very often, is the result of the wishes of the future wife. The dress, then, is the spearhead: be it a mermaid or a princess, be it short or with a very long train, the wedding dress is a real declaration of personality. But we must not forget the hairstyle with which the bride chooses to adorn her face.

Some brides opt for hairstyles for long hair, like crops or braids, other brides, on the other hand, decide to give us a cut, in the most literal sense of the word, and opt for short hair that varies from long bob to pixie cut.

One certainly cannot imagine having similar results, also because bridal hairstyles vary according to the length of the hair. But it is also a legend that one must necessarily have very long hair to get married. Indeed, there are hairstyles for really spectacular short hair. Let’s see together what!

Bridal hairstyles for very short hairBridal hairstyles for short hair: the trendiest hairstyle for the day of the yes!

If you have decided to amaze your guests with a very short cut, or if the idea of ​​making your hair grow for your wedding has never touched your mind, any problem, there are many alternatives to the classic semi-harvested one! The choice to wear a very short hair to your wedding is a symbol of great personality and represents the choice of a bride who does not like stereotypes and who has no intention of giving up her style as a matter of tradition.

The very short cut, then, has many advantages: it highlights the face (and the make-up you have chosen for your wedding!), Illuminates it and highlights it as if it were the perfect frame for your complexion. But how can you enhance a very short cut on your wedding day? It is one of the trendiest hairstyle of bridal.

Get help from bridal hair accessories! Enhance your very short cut with a small circle, there are many with a veil forward or with a veil that falls softly. A more boho chic alternative is the flower crown with diamonds but also very simple and bright. In short, your very short cut speaks for itself, you just have to give it a way to express itself at its best!

Bride with short wavy or curly hair? The perfect hairstyles for you!

Bride with short wavy or curly hair

The wedding hairstyles for short curly hair or wavy have a romantic and boho chic touch. This type of hair is very voluminous and airy, which is why a nice fold represents an optimal starting point for any wedding hairstyle. We give the real touch through the accessories: a super chic idea is that of the side clip. It is one of the trendiest hairstyle of bridal.

There are many types: in the shape of a leaf, of a feather, but also of a flower or with particular geometric shapes. If you have opted for a classic and elegant wedding, bet on rhinestones and diamonds. If, on the other hand, yours will be a marriage of fantasy and originality, opt for a colorful feather, or a clip decorated with colorful flowers. An alternative to the clip is that of the headband,

Bridal hairstyles for short, straight hairBridal hairstyles for short hair: the trendiest hairstyle for the day of the yes!

The short hair and smooth they are more versatile than others because they can be moved and volumized according to the taste of the bride. We can opt for a very minimal and tidy hairstyle, keeping it smooth and highlighting it with a velvet band but also with a thin crown of diamonds or rhinestones.

Or we can move them with some bush or veil, refined and with a vintage flavor. If you have short hair but with a nice long tuft, you can opt for a front braid that will encircle your forehead like a real crown, to embellish with diamonds or with soft colored flowers. It is one of the trendiest hairstyle of bridal.

Nothing prevents you from even opting for a Frida Kahlo style wreath, especially if yours is a country chic wedding! If your short and smooth cut has a very short fringe, instead, choose a wide crown,

If you have medium-short hair, here are the perfect bridal hairstylesBridal hairstyles for short hair: the trendiest hairstyle for the day of the yes!

The perfect wedding hairstyles for a medium-short hair, from the scaled bob to the bob, allow us to play with the past and give a vintage touch to the bridal look, even to the most modern.

We can opt for very soft waves, especially in the part of the fringe, which reminds us of the divas of the 1930s to their full splendor. It is one of the trendiest hairstyle of bridal.

We can also give ourselves a country half-harvest, with a braid that collects the side hair and leaves the face uncovered. But even the harvest is feasible in some cases, especially if we are fond of wavy and fluffy crops. We can imagine, in fact, gathering all the back part of the hair and leaving the front part softer and looser, adorning it with a small crown or a particular circle.

The short bob, for example, is also perfect for a headband with veil, a real treat for lovers of this accessory! If you have very smooth hair, you can also handle it with ringlets or beach waves, a real must-have for any bridal hairstyle. And remember that a beautiful haircut, often, is more than enough to make you spectacular for the day of your eyes!

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