5 easy hairstyles for wedding guests

5 easy hairstyles for wedding guests

The wedding season is coming and many of you are sure that you are already looking for the ‘model’ you want to wear. But the perfect look is not achieved without the perfect hairstyle. That is why today we are going to teach you five pretty hairstyles for wedding guests that you can do yourselves. Each one has a different style so that it adapts to your personality. Take note!

As a recommendation, always practice at home beforehand, however simple it may seem. Maybe the day will come and it will not be as good as you thought it would be or that you do not like it as it is. So it’s always better to try a few days before. Also, if you try it on the dress or the outfit that you will wear, better!

Easy hairstyles for wedding guests

1. Retro hairstyleeasy hairstyles for wedding guests

We start with the most glamorous hairstyle for those guests who want a retro-glam touch with a lopsided bun. You have to start dividing the hair with a diagonal line, as the image explains. We hold the bottom with a pigtail and curl the rest of the hair. When your hair is cold, brush with a comb and shape it on your face. Finally, we release the other lock of hair and turn it all together on itself until making a bun next to which we will hold with hairpins. Do not forget to fix the hairstyle with lacquer and adorn it with a headdress or vintage headband. It is one of the best easy hairstyles.

2. Romantic hairstyleeasy hairstyles for wedding guests

The next hairstyle is much simpler and is perfect for a sweet and romantic style. If you prefer to look long and loose hair sure you like. The first thing you have to do is to straighten your hair, or if you prefer it too, then wave the ends. It is a matter of taste! Then you have to take a strand of hair from one side and make a simple braid. You do the same to the other side and you cross them from behind holding them with hairpins. It will look like you have put on a crown! You can add to your hair a flower between the braids for a touch more spring.

3. Boho-chic hair

If you’re looking for that casual look, which seems that you have not devoted much to your hair, but every strand is calculated, this bohemian hairstyle is what you want!  What reigns in this style are the discarded braids and we will show you how to get it. We begin by dividing the hair in half. It is not necessary to smooth it much since it will be more difficult to work. It is one of the best easy hairstyles.

Next, we have to make a root braid on each side until the neck begins. Here, we join the two pigtail-shaped braids, we weave our hair a little to give it volume and we cover the rubber band or bind it with a tuft of hair. We have this beautiful hairstyle ready!

4. Elegant hairstyle and chiceasy hairstyles for wedding guests

A discreet and flattering hairstyle is this low bun. Doing it is really simple and you will not have to go through the hairdresser. The first thing we have to do is a low ponytail with previously smoothed hair. As the image shows, with the rubber or logo a little loose, we separate in two the hair and introduce the rest of the hair. All the hair is carded to increase the volume. We wrap the hair in our hands and fix it with hairpins and a little lacquer. Ready to be the perfect guest! It is one of the best easy hairstyles.

5. Hairstyle dancing inspiration

For a fresh and youthful look, this dancer’s bow can be your ally. In less than 5 minutes you can have perfect hair. You can start from the side you want, roll the hair inwards and hold it with a fork to do the same on the other side. When you have both, make a low ponytail with all the hair. Take the ponytail and roll it on itself to make a bow like one of the dancers and hold it with hairpins. Simple, right? It is one of the best easy hairstyles.

Now you can choose the hairstyle that you like and put them into practice. Which one are you going to start with? I love the second one. I’ll tell you how I have left.

Gillian Walker

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