5 hairstyles for a wedding in autumn or winter

5 hairstyles for a wedding in autumn or winter

Having a wedding in autumn or winter can be a real headache and the usual doubts about what to wear should be added to the obstacles that can put us cold or rain. If you still have not been able to find the ideal model, we give you several ideas and tell you with what hairstyles for a wedding you can combine the most suitable looks to go to a wedding when it rains and it is cold of fright. Attentive

Hairstyles for a wedding in autumn or winter

Pigtail ponytailhairstyles for a wedding

We like how you feel with closed dresses, box neckline and long sleeves (ideal for not peeling cold). You can wear it like this, with a few bubbles between bubble and bubble to give it a more festive touch. If the ribbons are velvet you will make the look seem more winter.

Semi-picked with flowershairstyles for a wedding

If your dress has its back to the air you can wear your hair combed in a semi-picked as beautiful as this. You will only have to collect the frontal strands in a braid, which if you feel like it can be rooted, and then place a floral ornament on top. You can also undulate the rest of the mane so that it looks more volume and movement. It is one of the best hairstyles for a wedding in autumn or winter.

Pigtail with bow

We love this hairstyle for how simple it is. You can wear it with any type of dress or jumpsuit but we like how it feels with those who have a v-neckline because they make the neck look more slender. The hairstyle itself does not have too much science. You just have to make a high ponytail, place the bow, and if we want to make a loop at the tips. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you will keep frizz at bay even if it rains.

Loose braidhairstyles for a wedding

Root braids are one of the most elegant and sophisticated hairstyles there are. But if you want to give a twist to yours (they are great with dresses of thin straps) and keep it safe from the inclement weather of this time of year, take it very loosely. For this, it is important to texturize the hair well with dry shampoo before braiding it.

Low bunhairstyles for a wedding

There is nothing fancier than a low bun like this. It looks good with dresses and closed-necked overalls and also favors a lot when they wear flashy headdresses or earrings. To do this you just have to separate the side, make a normal dancer bun with the rest of the hair, twist the strand and roll it over the bun.

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