Makeup for eyes according to color

Makeup for eyes according to color

You may have noticed that the color of eyes that you have tried to put thousands of times without success is very bad, while your friend is perfect, highlighting the look and giving light to the face. This is because that color in question that puts your crumb sticks perfectly with your eye tone. This means that you can also get it with a few simple tips and above all knowing that eye shadow color goes with each type of makeup for eyes.

The best makeup for eyes according to color

Brown eye colorsMakeup for eyes

The golden tones for brown eyes are perfect for party nights as they are perfect for parties.

If what you are looking for is to give your look a mysterious touch, then you should opt for violet colors.

To find a natural look without too many extra charges, the soft pink or red color is the most suitable.

Colors for green eyesMakeup for eyes

If you are looking for a color to paint your green eyes daily, then you should opt for the red colors that will intensify your look.

Intensifying the look with black is perfect, you can combine it with golden touches.

Colors for blue eyesMakeup for eyes

If you are looking for a way to make up blue eyes for your daily life, you should opt for gray tones giving depth to the look in the eye with black shadows.

If you want to intensify the look and give a brighter touch to your eyes, then you should opt for pearly shades.

If you want to dress your look in a very elegant tone then opt for the different metallic shades that eye shadows offer you. It is one of the best makeup for eyes tips.

The use of the pre base for eyesMakeup for eyes

One of the things you should keep in mind when making up your eyes, no matter how bad they are, is the use of the first or pre base.

The pre base for eye shadows is placed before applying the eye shadow in order to intensify its color and also fix the shadow on the mobile eyelid. With the flickering, the shadow is falling and it is normal to meet from time to time that in the middle of the day our eyes already

they have no shadow or worse, they have it in some areas and not in others. The use of the first is vital for the makeup to last you all day.

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