Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

Clothing, shoes, accessories … If you’ve got it all ,surely the wedding you’ve been invited already close, it is time to go thinking of a very important detail that will achieve put the finishing touch to your wardrobe. We talked undoubtedly the most appropriate hairstyles to attend an event such as a wedding ceremony. You want to know more. If the answer is yes, you do not stop reading the following article WeddingHairstyle. In it you will find the best proposals and ideas hairstyles for weddings. You collected manes in the wind, headdresses …, which do you, prefer?

Collected for weddings

The collected holidays are the perfect hairstyles to look at any celebration. Moreover, they are a sure hit for any type of hair, either long, short, curly or straight, since all you get looks that accept multiple variations.

Wedding Hairstyles
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Low chignon

One of the biggest trends when we talk about collected. The chignons at the nape give a casual air to your look, while elegant and very stylish. It is a perfect bet to look back on the air. You have infinite possibilities, more demure, more disheveled, curly hair, and straight hair with completely … Find your bow under perfect!


Dale entire volume to your look making it a glitzy high bun. It is an ideal wedding guest look like option; you’ll look elegant, sophisticated and very sexy. You can top your rolled bun with a braid. Test it!

Side braid

Punk style, relaxed and fresh and even more if you desperation your braid. It is a good choice to accompany with bolder looks and simple makeup.

Wedding Hairstyles
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Collected under with braids

Braids are trend and are also a perfect idea to end a nice tucked under.

Chignon inspiration 60

As always the retro style is ideal for all those women boldest bet. Give volume to your hair in a bun inspired by the 60s you see ideal.

Tucked lighthearted

If you do not want to look very repeating, it is best to opt for any lighthearted collected. Let a few strands fall down your face. The goal is to look stylish without being fully coiffed.

Hair in the wind

The option to leave your hair in the wind is a safe bet. To bring a beautiful hairstyle for a wedding there are many options to look nice hair, whatever your needs.

Wedding Hairstyles
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Laded as manes

It is one of the most flattering to display as a guest of a wedding options. Bet is to wear your hair in all its glory.

Waves vintage

The waves are trend and what better to show off some nice waves to the water to take a mane inspired by past decades.


If you want your image to be fresh, simple and very natural This is the best option. Parted in the middle and capeada is an ideal choice especially if you have an oval face.

Smooth perfect

It is a classic choice but always up to date. Your long hair list with a small accessory or ornament on the perlo be a safe bet for those who want to stylize their factions. Dazzling!

wedding hairstyle
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Pigtails for a wedding

Although it may seem a lie, they look simple can end up being the most elegant for a wedding. More and more women with long hair opt for pigtails to look sober, thin and sexy in a celebration such as a wedding. Here we present the most demanded pigtailed looks and stylish:

  • Low ponytail: Is an ideal way to take advantage of your hair option. The idea is to collect the queue at the nape of the neck so that the hair look much longer. You can let loose and give volume to the top to be even more elegant.
  • Horsetail: Hairstyle star. The important thing is to collect the higher the better hair and dropping like a waterfall. A perfect choice for both smooth and curly look.

Queues have become one of the most hairstyles trend in recent years and it is important to know what the option that best suits your style. The ponytails low tousled are a success also to add style can wind a lock of your hair to cover the rubber. You can also drop a few strands over your face, everything will depend on your face and your desire. Another good option is tabular the front, giving volume to hair.

If your face is oval, square or rectangular bets on a low tail with some volume, in true retro style 60s If your face is angular not forget to drop a couple of strands next to the queue. Should the figure of your face is oblong or heart – shaped, bet on your cards bangs and ponytail style to offer a trendier.

Wedding Hairstyles
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Accessories and headgear

How not forget the look of a wedding? For many, accessories are essential to complete the perfect costume for a ceremony. Just as important are the jewels, shoes or handbag, as are the ornaments and headdresses to finish our hair. From a crown to complete a nice topknot up some flowers to collect your hair down to one side, a vine that intermingle with your braid or a headband that a retro air to your look raising your hair, giving volume and leaving your face is full protagonist.

In addition, in many areas headdresses are essential to put the finishing touch to a wedding guest look. Betting on headdresses cap or round base decorated with feathers, flowers or veil to give an elegant and very personal touch to your look. This type of headdress is perfect to combine with bows, collected or loose hair.

Another good option is the headdress plate or disc, a derivative of pamela known type. This headdress is usually placed to one side and is perfect for low collected. If you want to give a feminine touch to your look and daring, the headdress type dish is yours. Tapes and turbans are all the rage in touch, classic versions and vintage or more modern versions you will bring a relaxed, different and very glamorous air. Moreover, they are perfect to wear with her hair.

But there’s more! Like the Flemish style? Then bet on the combs, to give a sophisticated and elegant touch. They are ideal for bows and collected and usually worn with long dresses and evening events. Another wonderful option is the asymmetric headdresses, original, modern and very striking. Finally, how to forget the classic brimmed hats, a sophisticated complement to look at any wedding tomorrow.

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