Summer wedding bouquet: 6 flowers to choose based on your personality

Summer wedding bouquet: 6 flowers to choose based on your personality

In several articles we have played to match the style of the bridal gown with the personality of every woman, starting with fabrics or necklines, yet there is an accessory that cannot go unnoticed: the bridal bouquet. At the gates of the warm season, we experimented with a careful selection of 6 types of flowers, each of which is the emblem of a precise feminine personality. Are you ready to find out which flower represents you the most?

1. The lush elegance of the OrtensiaSummer wedding bouquet: 6 flowers to choose based on your personality

Elegant, irrepressible and colorful. The Hortensia is one of those flowers that perfectly embodies the appearance of the summer season with its pastel shades to which the most loaded and fearless nuances like fuchsia are combined, which so characterizes the flower bouquets in the warm season. It is one of the best summer wedding bouquet.

The Ortensia represents the dreamer woman with a look timidly turned to a future full of goals, experiences, and love but also a woman attentive to her image. The reason lies in the fact that the Ortensia is the second queen of the garden so it cannot renounce to the care of aesthetics to face its eternal rival, the rose.

2. The eccentric personality of Craspedia

Impossible not to recognize it immediately: the Craspedia is that bizarre flower with the spherical shape, almost always chosen in its yellow and orange shades to symbolize the summer season. In a bouquet with more floral typologies, Craspedia is undoubtedly the one that stands out, which is why it is the flower that embodies women with a strong personality, with a strong soul and the character of a warrior. Beautiful also in its alternative uses or to decorate the packaging of your original wedding favors or, to dry, to decorate home corners. It is one of the best summer wedding bouquet.

3. The refined solitude of Protea

Let’s face it: Protea is a flower that charms but are not for everyone. Either you love it or you hate it; he does not know half measures exactly like the women in love with this flower. It is one of the best summer wedding bouquet.

They are solitary and different; they have an artistic and creative soul, so they choose to break the mold by distancing themselves from the classic floral bouquets. For this reason, Protea is also suitable as a one flower bouquet or, in more messy compositions, together with eucalyptus leaves. Imagine it next to your simple wedding dress and, if you are certain, all eyes will be on you.

4. The fascinating simplicity of the Sunflower

11. Also, in this case, we speak of a flower with a large corolla, a flower that stands out and lets itself be seen both in the bouquets and in the rest of the floral compositions. Its petals symbolize the rays of the summer sun and its corolla thus protruding towards the sun fully reflects the personality of the women who are fascinated by it. Women who love simplicity, women linked to values and their roots. That is why the Sunflower is one of the most chosen flowers for decorating rustic and country weddings. It is one of the best summer wedding bouquet.

5. The timid grace of Chamomile

Shy and gracious, Chamomilla is one of those flowers that perfectly succeeds in making its way through the summer buds, claiming its place as the absolute protagonist. Used both to fill the compositions but also as the main flower of the wedding, the Chamomile symbolizes the calm woman, with a gentle, reserved and silent soul but not for this fickle. In the language of flowers, in fact, the Chamomile symbolizes strength and resistance against adversity, as well as the personality of the women who love it: upright and resolute. It is one of the best summer wedding bouquet.

6. The Provençal romanticism of Lavender

In Provence, the eyes are lost in the wonderful fields of Lavender. Until recently this flower with a Romanesque and wild soul adorned the sills of the white houses in shabby style until, this same style, became the mood of many events. Between lace wedding dresses and art nouveau porcelain, shabby weddings cannot do without lavender and they are the ones to choose: the brides with the incurable romantic soul, pure and attached to traditions.

If you have managed to find among these summer flowers, the one that best represents the beauty of your character, well you just have to choose it and adapt it to all the wedding decorations or your wedding hairstyle. Remember that in summer the flowers need even more meticulous care and attention, so talk about them first with your florist: he will give you all the advice and directions, also evaluating the context and style of your event.

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