5 tips makeup for your wedding day

5 tips makeup

We know that all brides want their wedding day to be perfect, it is the day that we are a real princesses and nobody can ruin that. And a key part of this day is undoubtedly makeup.

The makeup artist Riku Campo shares some surefire tips to make your makeup is perfect on your wedding day, and in this article I will try to share with you 5 makeup tips of Riku Champo to introduce some amazing looks or take them into account when you go to your meetings with your makeup artist…

5 tips makeup

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1. Prepare your skin

Your skin should be a perfect, clean and ready to receive any product you want to apply canvas. For this, Riku recommends three facial make before the wedding, but making sure that the latter is 2 weeks before the special day (for what unexpected allergic reactions). No matter if you’ve never been to you cleaned and exfoliate the skin, this is the perfect time to do it. Agenda month and a half before your wedding, one week. This will give enough time to your skin to be clean and ready for the day when you need more trust your makeup.

Remember to use sun protection and moisturizing throughout this period so that your skin is perfect.

5 tips makeup

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2. Base

Riku recommended we use a liquid foundation in yellow hues. Preferably girls use the base they already know, they use regularly for special events. Test new products the wedding day are not a good idea, we cannot afford to give us allergy or tone look strange just that day.

Ideally, use the base we already know that we have the tone we already use regularly. When you go to make sure their makeup tests carry with you the basis for the makeup artist can try it and see if it works for the big day. Remember that the ideal tone is not noticeable in the neck; do not want 2 different colors in the photos.

Riku recommended testing tones in the arm because that’s where we have the most dark and light colors our skin.

5 tips makeup

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3. Corrector

It is also advisable to use a liquid concealed a shade lower than the base. If liquid are best blends with makeup and leaves less doughy face. While the photos are an essential part of your wedding, the most important is the person with whom you’re married and it must be beautiful to see up close, so do not abuse of products not seem mask if not that will enhance your features.

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4. Humid climates

If you are getting married on the beach or in a damp location it is advisable to seek a good first to apply to the face before the base. Also remember to try weeks before to be sure that they do not cause allergic reactions.

5 tips makeup

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5. Mascara

To this day or yes … we need waterproof mascara most likely to cry a little so you better be prepared.

To make this day perfect you should feel comfortable both with what they are wearing as hair and makeup. Enough evidence to make you like the reflection of the bride who will say yes to the love of his life and remember to smile is the best makeup.

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