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Romantic wedding hairstyles for a fairy tale wedding

Romantic wedding hairstyles

For the day of “soft” hair, collected, loose or twisted to create a romantic wedding look and let it be wrapped in a fairy-tale atmosphere. A selection of wedding hairstyles to make your wedding exactly as you always dreamed of, in every detail.

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Bride Hairstyles: What Flowers Do You Choose?

Bride Hairstyles Flowers

Hairstyle is an important detail for a bride, but becomes even more beautiful if decorated with flowers … What do you choose to make the hairstyle perfect?

Flowers and weddings are a perfect match, not just with regard to fittings : the flowers can add a refined and lively touch to every detail of the ceremony, even at the bridal hairstyle. But what flowers do you choose to complete your look? Much depends also on the style and personality of the bride!

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Wedding Hairstyle: How to choose and save?

Wedding Hairstyle

What woman does not devote special attention to your wedding hairstyle? A perfect head of hair as well as the right make-up are essential elements in which to pursue the wedding day, not only because it will be the protagonists of a thousand photographs but also because they have the immense power to make someone feel beautiful and confident woman.

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Wedding Hairstyles according to face: The ideal look for all kinds of face!

Wedding Hairstyles

Gathered, chignon or romantic curls? What it is the hair look perfect for your wedding day? Here’s how to choose the wedding hairstyles based on face

In addition to dress, a fundamental element for the wedding day is the hair look. To show off the right one, however, you must take into account some aspects, such as the neckline of the dress and, before that, the shape of the face.

Round face, square, triangle, heart or diamond : each type of face requires specific hairstyles that valorize at best, softening corners too sharp and square, excessive roundness or donating harmony too long oval, where necessary. But what are the hairstyles more suited to show off the wedding day? Here then are some valuable tips on how to choose the wedding hairstyles based on face to be flawless and perfect in the moment of yes.

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The Most Famous Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyles

The latest trends in bridal hairstyles are inspired by the most famous weddings of the last decade. Actresses, models and princesses are the inspiration for creating unique hairstyles. Whatever your mane: short, long, smooth or curly; the day of your wedding you have to manage to get the most out of your hair and in the following lines you will discover how.

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Protecting Your Wedding Hair During Sunny Days

organic shampoo

Strands that are sun-kissed are normally seen as being gorgeous but in so many situations there are various problems that appear when this happens. One of the situations is when you get your wedding hair done and it is simply destroyed by the effect of sun rays. UV exposure will always cause damaged, dry hair. That is not what you want during the wedding. Sun basically acts like bleach. It causes discoloration. Hair ends up being weak, frizzy, brittle and very hard to manage. Hairstylists can do the best possible job and not be able to stop what sun can do.

The great news is that you can protect your wedding hair from the damaging effects of sun rays. Based on the experience of Wonderstruck Weddings & Events, here are some things that you can easily do right now to help you avoid having a ...

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Hairstyles Spring / Summer Wedding: Trends in 2017

Spring-Summer Hairstyles

Soft waves, braids until the extreme decision to let your hair down. Even for the hairstyle, as well as make-up, the trend for next season is all natural!

The trick there but not seen, nor … the wigs! That’s right, brides who have seen parading on the latest catwalks not only had a make up light and unnoticeable but they were all united by wedding hairstyles left very natural, without those special superstructures and rarefaction that we used to see in recent years.

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Hairstyles gathered for the Bride in 2017: What will you choose for your big day?

Bride Hairstyles 2017

Today on WeddingHairstyle the classic of classics. Timeless. Evergreen. Not talking about wedding dresses and hairstyles but as an devoted to hairstyles gathered wedding in 2017? The harvest is the icing on the cake of a bridal outfit just perfect!

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Wedding hairstyles with long hair

Wedding hairstyles

You are getting married, you have long hair, do not want to cut them and you are looking for a nice hairstyle for your wedding? Were quiet, there are lots

Among anxieties and doubts that afflict a bride in the days leading to that of her marriage, there is also what concerns their look. The dress will be perfect? Will my future husband to put faith at the right finger? The flowers will be as I have always dreamed them? Bridal shoes that I have chosen will make me sick, and I want to take them off after one hour from the celebration?

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10 tips for fairytale wedding hairstyles


Discover the 10 expert advice Hair Stylist to show off the town’s wedding hairstyle perfect! Because, to be flawless on the day of the wedding, it is crucial to choose the wedding hairstyle right, which is in harmony not only with the dress chosen well with the overall tone of the event. Read our tips for town’s wedding hairstyle fabulous.

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