6 more things to consider when choosing your wedding shoes

6 more things to consider when choosing your wedding shoes

You have chosen your dress, the venue is booked and the flowers are sorted, but what about your shoes? Here are six things to think about before you buy your wedding footwear.

Heel height

Your shoes need to be organised before your final dress fitting, as the heel height will play a big part in the length of your dress. Take your shoes along with you to any fittings so that the appropriate adjustments can be made.

Think about colour

You don’t have to go for the traditional white or ivory for your shoes. There are a number of companies that will dye your shoes to match any fabric, so think about how your bridesmaids’ shoes and yours will complement each other and whether the shoe material is suitable for dyeing.

Be prepared for the great British weather

Whilst you don’t have to don a pair of green wellies to stomp about at a countryside wedding, so-called ‘weddington boots’ help brides to traverse muddy puddles without damaging their beautiful wedding shoes. Walking in the grounds of any Gloucestershire wedding hotel venue can be both practical and stylish!

Practice walking in them

Are you going to be strutting on carpet, dancing on tiles, or walking up and down stairs? Particularly if you are wearing heels, it is a good idea to practice walking on different surfaces so that you don’t come a cropper on your big day. Even flat surfaces can cause an issue just ask Concrete Cheltenham based company Monstermix. You would be surprised at how you can come a cropper, as countless wedding videos on You’ve been framed will testify.

Hidden comfort

Gel cushions can be added to shoes to make them more comfortable for the wearer, and are a particularly good idea if you are planning to dance the night away. Small and practically invisible, they will help to prevent blisters and keep you comfortably on your toes until bedtime.

Check your venue.

What sort of surfaces are there at your wedding venue? Is it somewhere with terraces and gardens, or are you going to be inside on carpeted flooring for the whole occasion? The soles of wedding shoes can be notoriously slippery, so rough them up a little to give them a grip on any surface.

Once you have paid a little attention to your footwear, you can relax and enjoy the rest of this special day!


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