How to organize an engagement party

How to organize an engagement party

Do you want to announce your engagement to your family? That’s what engagement parties are for! They are family gatherings in which you announce together that you are getting married as well as the day set for the wedding. There are many ways to organize this type of event, as they can range from informal meetings in a restaurant to more special events decorated in a specific way and set for this very special occasion. In this article, we give you some tips on how to organize the perfect engagement party to announce that you are getting married.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Engagement parties are usually held a few weeks after you have accepted the marriage proposal. On the occasion of giving news, the family gathers at home or in a reserved place to announce their engagement and have a party to celebrate this new step in their lives. Normally, the closest people (family, close friends, etc.) are invited to this type of party; The idea is that it is an intimate event in which you can announce your link in a close way.

Step: 2

The most common thing to do for this type of family reunion is to organize it at home, thus maintaining that intimate essence that is sought in this type of event. However, you may not have the time or inclination to do it at home and prefer to do it in a restaurant. That is your choice, what we do recommend is that for the party to be a success and, above all, to be personal, organize it around a theme.

For example, a fun idea is that, if you have met in Paris, throw a French-inspired party with decorations that inspire this city; If you are going to get married in the summer, you can have a Caribbean party, for example, even if it is the middle of winter. The idea is to create a theme and thus involve your relatives in your happiness and in your life.

Step : 3

Whether you do the engagement party at home or in a restaurant, you will have to pay attention to the choice of the menu. There are many options for this type of event since you can choose to have a formal dinner or, if you prefer, something that is very fashionable to have brunch or vermouth; You can also do a pica pica in the afternoon to announce your link.

So, depending on the type of event you want to organize, the menu you devise should be one or the other. If you are going to organize it at home and you do not want to complicate it too much, you can choose to hire a caterer or, if not, organize a barbecue. But if you are a cook, you can get involved and prepare some kind of simple appetizer to prepare; In this article, we show you a series of light and easy-to-make appetizers.

Step: 4

A good idea for an engagement meeting is to personalize a little the room or space where you are going to announce your link. The family will be part of this very special moment, so an emotional and very beautiful idea is to place photos of yourself from when you were little to the present moment in the room; You can also indicate where each guest should sit by putting a picture of him or you with him on his site. In this article we give you some ideas for decorating with photos, it will surely inspire you!

As it is an intimate party, you will have time to dedicate to each of the people who will attend, so with this little detail you will make everything more special and, if you dare, you can also accompany the photos with notes or letters where you express your feelings towards that person. person. It will be unforgettable.

Step: 5

During an engagement party, time is also often spent talking, expressing feelings, and reminiscing about good times from the past. For this reason, we also recommend that you write a letter and read it at the table, in front of everyone; The best thing is that the two members of the couple write a personal letter where you talk about how important it is for you that they are there, mix memories of the past and express your feelings openly. It is a very emotional way to show your love for the family and show how important they are to you.

Step: 6

The guests should also be the protagonists of your engagement party, for this reason, we recommend that to let them express themselves and communicate their feelings to you, you establish an area of ​​the room that you can name.” Here you can leave a notebook or white sheets so that your relatives can give you the message they want with the total freedom of a blank piece of paper.

Later, you can take advantage of these messages and hang them at the wedding between the branches of the trees to give an emotional touch to your wedding so that they too are the protagonists of that special day.

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