Five of this year’s hottest fashion colours

Five of this year’s hottest fashion colours

Don’t miss out on wearing some of fashion’s hottest colours this year. Spring/Summer 2019 is set to bring back shades from the ‘90s, taking inspiration from nature and bringing shades that are most often seen in makeup onto our clothes. This season promises to deliver a whole riot of colour.

Hot pink

A bold, hot pink has often been seen in beauty, with eyeshadows and lipsticks popping with pink. Now fashion has embraced hot pink and you’ll be wearing it in jackets, dresses, accessories and trousers. Accessorised with clashing colours like bright orange, hot pink looks incredible and it works perfectly with white, cream, black and other shades of pink.

Baby Blue

Beautiful baby blue has stolen many designers’ hearts this year, with many pale and very interesting pieces in this colour.

Lively lavender

Imagine walking through a field of lavender, and soaking up the colour into everything you’re wearing. The lavender colour that’s intense, not a bit washed out, is big this season. Imagine what the flowers on a sprig of lavender look like – that’s what we’re going for here. A bold tone that can either add to your look in the form of just one piece or make your look by way of a monochrome ensemble. Whichever way you go, you won’t regret it

Refinery 29 suggests that this season we don’t stress about finding fashion pieces that will go with lots of other things. Go for statement pieces and wear them as they are.

Leafy green

It could seem a bit scary, but a bold leafy green is big this season. Wear it as a block with a green asymmetric maxi dress or wear it in a pattern. Combined with beige and white, this colour really pops and will make you look just as fresh as the new leaves appearing in hedgerows at this time of year.

Yolky yellow

A yolky yellow sweater or vibrant trench-coat could bring some spring sunshine to your wardrobe, even if the weather isn’t playing nicely. You’ll feel fresh and alive with egg-yolk yellow pieces, and it’s a great base for floral patterns.


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