Get outdoors and Enjoy a Walk in the Winter

Get outdoors and Enjoy a Walk in the Winter

It isn’t unusual during the winter months to feel a little worse for wear. During winter, we are more prone to catching illnesses and can often experience low mood. The lack of sunshine during these months is a huge contributor to our health often feeling worse during these months.

One of the best ways to combat this is to get out and about in the countryside. Breathing in the country air, being with nature and walking, gets our blood flowing and can also release feel good hormones like serotonin that boost our mood.

So get some cost winter clothes like these aran jumpers from and make yourself a flask of tea before heading out to explore the gorgeous winter landscape that the UK has plenty of…

For a Wild wintery coastal walk, then head to Cornwall. Although this is typically seen as a summer holiday destination, in the winter months you get to experience the beauty and power of nature as the wind and waves crash against the north Cornwall coastline.

If you are after a woodland wander, the Forest of Dean is perfect for you. These ancient woodlands have plenty of paths where you can walk amongst the trees and lose yourself in the beauty of the wintery forests.

For spectacular views and hillside walks, head up to Yorkshire. Climb the Yorkshire Matterhorn to see glorious views across the snowy Yorkshire Dales and enjoy a drink in the highest pub in Britain as a reward for your efforts!

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