Have a Mosquito-Free Wedding!

Have a Mosquito-Free Wedding!

Summer is here, and the weather is great to have that outdoor wedding you have been planning for. The picturesque ambiance presented by lush gardens is the main centerpiece. All seems in order except an aspect that you may not have accounted for. Uninvited guests-mosquitoes-may show-up. Not only are bite marks left by these guests annoying but can also be risky for your guests’ health. Modern outdoor weddings hosted at parks, beaches, gardens and mountains sides have spectacular views. No matter the destination, the mosquitoes are bound to dull a bright wedding event.

Call the Exterminator

A wedding mosquito treatment applied to the venue would highly reduce the chance of having mosquitoes buzzing in the air on the memorable occasion. Mosquito Squad has a Special Events Spray that will significantly eliminate mosquitoes on the day of the event. The application is sprayed a day or two before the wedding leaving no smell or visible marks at the site.

Benefits of Special Events Spray

• Working with mosquito experts will go a long way.
• Mosquito Squad’s trained technicians will strategically spray the applicator to maximize its effectiveness which lasts up to 21 days from the day of spraying. An extension of the wedding celebration is welcome.
• The Special Events Spray dries in 30 minutes and active from the time of spraying. Mosquitoes are eliminated once in contact with the spray.
• Food contamination is highly unlikely as the advised time will allow for the spray to take effect and the food is brought to the venue days later after spraying is complete.
• A barrier spray is included to protect against stinging and biting insects that may also be at the same location.

Getting to a 100% Mosquito Free Event

Mosquito Squad technicians’ share more tips that you may incorporate in your wedding. They include:

• Consider buying flowers that mosquitoes despise like lavender, peppermint, lemon balm, marigold, and citronella. Put them in central locations amongst your already set flowers. • The aroma from scented candles not only spices the air but can also help in keeping mosquitoes away. Citronella has proven efficient and is easily available for purchase. • Have a few mosquito applicators and sprays for those fussy guests who trust nothing but something they can physically apply.

In conclusion

Mosquito Squad provides preventive services which you should advantage of. For a free consultation, please call (317) 886-1094. Let us protect you and your guests from mosquitoes and nasty pests.

Marlon Walker

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