The alternative wedding guest outfits and how to wear them well

The alternative wedding guest outfits and how to wear them well

With Spring not too far away, the wedding season will soon be upon us. While plans for the day may be well underway, guests may still be deciding what to wear.

If you are going to a wedding and are looking for something a bit different or don’t fancy a traditional dress and heels, there are some alternative looks you might want to consider.

Matching Coordinates

Wearing matching skirts and jackets or matching shorts and tops can really make you stand out from the crowd. Lighter colours are better for weddings, and this look can easily be paired with platform shoes and chunky jewellery.


Don’t be put off wearing trousers. A tailored, smart pair with a feminine top can look sophisticated, sexy and modern. You will also be comfortable and can switch to a pair of sassy high heels for the evening.


If you don’t fancy wearing heels all day long, there are several styles of flats you can wear with dresses and trousers. Ballet pumps are very popular at the moment. They look pretty and dainty and are perfect for warmer days. You could also consider crystal-style encrusted sandals to give you a party look.

Wear black

It’s slightly controversial, but as long as the happy couple aren’t too traditional, wearing black to a wedding is perfectly acceptable these days. Lace is a perfect choice for a special occasion, and if you dress it up with the right accessories, you will look sleek and stylish.

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Weddings have changed a lot over the past ten years, with many trends coming in and out of fashion, including marrying abroad and in unusual locations. Here are some ideas for couples looking to do something a bit different for their big day.

Some dos and don’ts

Rollnecks, whatever the weather, are not suitable for a wedding. Chunky knits and faded, washed-out colours, however trendy, can look scruffy.

If you don’t fancy wearing a hat or fascinator, consider a headband, which will look good and keep your hair in place for the whole day.

Don’t wear anything too revealing and definitely keep your midriff covered. Trainers are also a no-go, even very expensive fashion styles.

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