Top Tips for Popping the Question

Top Tips for Popping the Question

Every girl dreams of the day that someone will pop the question, and having a great engagement story is part of the fantasy. It’s a tale that your wife-to-be will be telling for years, so give her an experience that she can brag about. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while creating a proposal plan she’ll never forget.

Plan ahead

No one wants to find an engagement ring at the bottom of a bowl of oatmeal one morning because you didn’t bother making something special out of your proposal. Think it through in advance and come up with a unique plan that will be memorable and connected to your love story. Get advice from friends (yours or hers) to help you get the creative juices flowing.

Choose the ring

Do not go rogue on this! Engagement rings can make or break a proposal story. Be sure you choose a ring that she’ll adore. Pay attention to her personal style and jewelry preferences. Is she understated? Does she like classic jewelry or is she on top of the latest trends? Has she hinted around at something she might like? Pay attention to these clues so that you choose something she’s guaranteed to love.

Ask for help

Don’t eliminate elaborate plans because you can’t pull them off alone. Friends and family are more than willing to get in on the story; people love to be part of a secret! Whether it’s making phone calls, driving vehicles, calling in favors for special privileges, or secretly recording the special moment, you are sure to come up with something more exciting if you are willing to involve a few other people.

Have a backup plan

If you’ve planned an outdoor proposal, what will you do if the weather is uncooperative? If there is a time-sensitive event involved, what will happen if she’s running late? Be sure to have a backup plan, or else you risk having to wing it if things don’t go as expected. Have a special place in mind that’s good at any time and in any weather. This well-chosen default will make you feel much more at ease.

Go with the flow

This is a big moment, and it’s understandable to not want to make any mistakes. However, a memorized script can sound forced; what you really want on this special day is a sincere speech from the heart. Instead of writing it out word-for-word, go with an overall sketch. Identify the feelings you want to convey and choose a few key things that you want to communicate. Make sure you’re clear on these ideas, but leave the specifics open. The right words will come naturally.

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