Weddings: the Definition of Your Style and How to Find It

Weddings: the Definition of Your Style and How to Find It

You know when they say: don’t worry, JUST BE YOU. Shoot! What am I? Who am I? How do you know who you are as a bride??

Now imagine the overwhelm since you have to answer that BEFORE you start organizing for your day.

Why is this important? You need to decide on a lot of things. Organizer or not, you’ll have to know what kind of DREAM you’re chasing.

Is it a princess fairy tale, castle, abbey and all? Or a beach party? Maybe you want to choose this Houston wedding venue surrounded by forest on a secluded private ranch and indulge that amazing view? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s in style.

First and foremost, set the budget and go from there. You don’t have to be a billionaire to have a memorable wedding. After all, people remember how they’ve felt on the occasion. Ok, and the bride.

When we say “the budget”, google the essentials. Usually, it’s location which depends on the number of guests (but there are million other costs there- like catering, vendors, decoration, food and drinks, lighting, the list goes on).

Then, it’s the dress, the tux, jewelry, a band, a cake, flowers, bouquet, place cards, gifts for bridesmaids and the best man, party favors. Phew.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

But before we give you a list, here’s a strong suggestion: make sure you coordinate your ideas with your future spouse because this is the purpose of that day- to celebrate your love and union.

There’s a cute way of doing that. Both of you should write a couple of must-haves for that day- in whatever terms you find important.

Compare the lists, then rank them together. Finally, make sure to incorporate them.

The List: When and Where

So, think about the location and season: when and where do you want to have your wedding and reception- indoors or outdoors? Also, how many people are you planning to invite? And do you want a local or location wedding?

Style and Two Pro Tips

Classical, rustic or vintage, boho, modern, out-of-script? Take this quiz to find out. Our find your inspiration elsewhere.

Pro tip No.1: a TV show interior decorator would ask the clients for three of their all-time favorite objects and would recreate the look in the whole apartment make-over.

Pro tip No 2: Imagine looking at the photos 20 years from now. Avoid the cringe, therefore, be wary of the hottest trends. Again, choose YOU. Authentic you.

Also, choose the color scheme and/or a motif, also, stick to them

Formality Level

Are you aiming at very formal, informal or in-between? Set the tone with the save-the-dates and stick to the level of formality and style in all aspects.

Get creative

Make the mood boards. If you don’t know where to find inspo, consult Pinterest, Instagram, follow some hashtags, buy some bridal magazines. Choose the things you absolutely love and that are an instant YES.

What is more, you can define your style from just looking at your vision/ mood board. Retell what you see there- describe colors and textures out loud.

This is all handy for two reasons: first, you put off the pressure when you know what you want. And, it’s easier to pitch your ideas to others: vendors, guests, florists, bakers, the list is long.


When we say “Just be you”- we mean- choose what’s most important to you.

Choose your best story. That is the style in itself. The expression of you and your future spouse. A branding of yourself and your partner. Your common values.

This is why it’s a complex issue.

Indeed, there are a million things to do before the one “I do”, but it’s worthwhile.

This is both of you creating your big memory while inscribing your (style) DNA in the day.

James Barnes

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