15 fringed wedding dresses for a glamorous bridal look

15 fringed wedding dresses for a glamorous bridal look

If you are looking for the most glamorous wedding dresses of 2019, you will find them among the proposals of different wedding brands. In particular, this year, in addition to ruffles and feathers everywhere (included in the bridal hairstyle ), we find the very popular fringes proposed as glamorous details to embellish skirts, bodices, and veils.

Why fringes?15 fringed wedding dresses for a glamorous bridal look

Because they give movement, lightness, originality and that air of “party” to every outfit. The application of fringes in fashion is very ancient, they were in fact already used by the American Indians, up to their maximum exploits at the beginning of the last century, thanks to the clothes of the Charleston dancers who made it a sexy icon.

They are then taken up in the seventies by the hippie fashion and, today, also by the most famous bridal fashion houses from all over the world that re-elaborate them with great creativity in really glamorous wedding dresses. It is one of the best-fringed wedding dresses for a glamorous bridal look.

Mermaid wedding dresses with fringes

The fringes are decorations that can personalize any type of wedding outfit, but it is on the mermaid wedding dresses of the 2019 collections that best express all their timeless charm. Of different lengths, and in small or large doses, the fringes represent the perfect setting for this type of dress: they give grace and movement to a generally “static” cut, keeping intact the strong sensual charge that characterizes these dresses, also adding another sexy touch.
Perfect for both day and evening weddings, fringed mermaid wedding dresses are the ideal solution for a glamorous wedding.

Moreover, thanks to the refinement of this ornament and the wise use made by wedding fashion designers, fringes can be applied as a single decorative element of a minimal dress or accompanied by rhinestones and beads for a shining look , embracing in this way different styles and tastes, as shown by the models of Atelier Pronovias, Aire Barcelona, St. Patrick and Franc Sarabia. It is one of the best-fringed wedding dresses for a glamorous bridal look.

Vintage wedding dresses

The vintage wedding dresses represent the great trend of recent years: if your wedding will have a retro style and you were thinking of a dress that expresses an elegance of other times, you cannot ignore the idea of trying a dress with the fringes. Whether you are looking for a bridal outfit with a “rigorous” style from the 1920s or a bohemian mood from the 1970s, you will find different solutions even for slipped dresses, with a petticoat or frock coat. It is one of the best-fringed wedding dresses for a glamorous bridal look.

The versatility of the fringes also allows its application to every type of fabric and lines: from the fluid to natural fall to the more rigid or structured ones, depending on the style of the bridal look you want to achieve. Even on different models of lace bridal gowns this year, discreet fringe applications are favored on entirely embroidered fabrics, used on the sleeves or on the skirt, as we see in the proposals by Grace Love Lace and by St. Patrick.

The fringes are also used to adorn the bodices, creating and embellishing a two-piece effect. The latter, which is very popular among bridal trends, is perfect for a sophisticated and/or “brisk” wedding look.

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