5 proposals of hats for the guests

5 proposals of hats for the guests

In this period the fashion of veils, fascinators, and hats on the wedding dresses is crazy but what about the guests? How many times have you happened to look at a hat thinking that it could be the ideal accessory to combine with your formal dress? In this article, we will propose five different wedding invitation models so that you can inspire yourself and maybe create your total look without sacrificing style and elegance while choosing something unique and original.

1. Straw hat: a must have for the wedding day5 proposals of hats for the guests

If the golden rule wants the hat to be worn only for daytime weddings or at least not after sunset, all this, for the straw hat is worth even more without a shadow of a doubt. In this case, the season makes the difference: the straw hat is perfect for spring, summer and autumn weddings, but only by the end of September, when this accessory brings to mind the idea of peasant women during the harvest. It is one of the best hats for the guests.

Imagine it in a very specific wedding context: a wedding in Provencal style outdoors, in the countryside, in a farm or among the vineyards; here is that this choice perfectly blends in an atmosphere capable of bringing out all its personality. The outfit ideas for a wide-brimmed straw hat (soft or rigid) it is a short ceremonial dress, with light colors and a pleated skirt, not too elegant; almost a daily outfit in a bon ton style.

2. Cloth hat: author’s poems for sophisticated looks

If you want to offer a more refined and glamorous look then our advice is to choose from natural fiber hats. They combine perfectly with elegant ceremonial dresses giving charm and character especially if you are witnesses or relatives very close to the couple. It is one of the best hats for the guests.

In their smaller version, they recall the charming hats worn by women in the Twenties, while in the wide-brimmed proposals, perhaps with the addition of details, they recall the grandeur of nineteenth-century ladies. Attention to the combination of materials between hat and dress: avoid for example that the shine of a satin material can meet the opacity of the velvet creating a visual (and tactile) combo that is not harmonious and pleasant.

3. Eccentric hat: when a shape is everything

Quite different from the small hats in minimal style are the proposals decidedly unconventional that many designers bring to the catwalk knowing they can make inroads into the hearts of women who, in a worldly event like weddings, will not give up to express their whole personality. A hat to be eccentric, it doesn’t need to be exaggeratedly large; sometimes they are bizarre, animal or geometric shapes, of fabrics crumpled up and set in an almost surreal way to wear, however, with extreme grace and ease. It is one of the best hats for the guests.

In particular, keep in mind these last two style secrets, otherwise, the risk is to feel like a fish out of water, forced into an accessory that hardly represents you. THE’ideal outfit to combine with a hat so it’s minimal and sober like a suit with a longuette skirt or a refined sheath dress; the advice is to focus on an elegant and important shoe so, once the hat is removed, that will be the accessory that will distinguish you.

4. Total black: the hat for dark lovers

If black is part of that formidable palette not to be considered for ceremonial looks, the hat is a separate story. Choosing it in black, in any material and workmanship, is synonymous with unquestionable elegance; the combination with the rest of the outfit is almost taken for granted since it will perfectly blend with colors, fabrics, and models of dresses. It is one of the best hats for the guests.

The most beautiful are those made in linen and silk. Avoid choosing it with the veil due to the dark effect given by the color, rather focus on a removable application like a flower a fabric pinned to the brim of the hat, which you can then peel off and apply on your dress.

5. Plumage effect for burlesque style hats

Think about it for a moment and you won’t go wrong: if you imagine the hats of English noblewomen during a glamorous party, you will immediately notice that most of them wear hats enriched with feathers of every kind. Sometimes it is a single long feather, other times they are true masterpieces with total plumage effect. It is not easy to wear them, sometimes the whole total look is built starting from this whimsical accessory; for a model completely covered with burlesque-effect feathers, staked for example on an outfit with a rock inspiration, while for a hat with feathers set in small stitches, you can recreate that unmistakable British style ideal on refined women’s formal dresses in pastel colors. Remember that autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to wear a hat full of feathers.

In any case, choose a model that has a character as long as you stay within the limits of sobriety. The hat should be kept for the duration of the party, except for lunch, so it is good not to be too conspicuous and not to have a model that gets in the way of those around you. Remember: etiquette requires that this accessory can only be used if the mother of the bride is wearing it or if the spouses have indicated it in the dress code of their wedding invitations.

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