5 essentials for a winter wedding

5 essentials for a winter wedding

After a long time of being a fiancé and probably one or two postponements because of the pandemic, this winter you will finally get to become a bride! Although most people prefer organizing their special day during the warmer months of the year, winter weddings have their personal irrefutable charm and are often way cozier and more intimate. We’ve created a short list of 5 essentials both for you and for your guests that would make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

Hand Cream and Lip Balm

During winter our skin tends to get dry and itchy especially if you already have some conditions like Rosacea, so we suggest having a hand lotion and a chapstick on you all the time. However as a bride you can set a special table with these nourishing care products that your guests could use and take home with them. On such an important day it is actually the small details that matter the most so your guests will surely remember you caring about well-being.

Blankets and Cardigans

If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, keeping your guests and bridesmaids warm should be at the top of your priority list. It is a rookie mistake to think that they would all come prepared and be surprised how many of them would rather freeze than go to the wardrobe to take their coats. You can keep the guests warm by putting baskets of blankets and choose something more elegant for your bridesmaids such as knit cardigans that will not only protect them from the cold, but also look great on pictures. On Keilys website they have a wide range of wool cardigans to choose from that will be perfect for your wedding day as well as a perfect gift for everyday wear.

Winter Decorations

It would be a crime to hold your wedding during this amazing time of the year and not to take advantage of all the beautiful decorations that it has to offer. Seasonal colors like emerald green, red, and white are the most popular for a reason, and small details such as candles that smell like fir and pine will set up the right mood. Cover your arbor in pine branches instead of the traditional flowers used during spring and summer and use string lights for an additional source of light. On this special day only the sky’s the limit, so you can make the most out of the classic winter decorations and rethink their use for your wedding.

Cocoa and Hot Chocolate Bar

Apart from the champagne, wine, whisky, and other traditional wedding drinks served to the guests, let them prepare their own tasty and cozy winter beverages by putting together a cocoa and hot chocolate station bar. Mini marshmallows, whipped cream, sprinkles, spices, syrups, candy canes, caramel and chocolate sauces- all of these will put your guests into a delightful mood and will make them use their creativity to make delicious drinks just like in their childhood.


There is no better season than winter to use sparklers at your wedding! These affordable stick fireworks are traditionally used at the end of the ceremony for the wedding send off and are a perfect way to finish your day.  Once browsing for them, you’ll be surprised to find out how many types of them are on the market, from classic white ones to neon colored and heart shaped sparklers perfect for your wedding day. Buy them depending on how many guests you have and don’t forget to get lighters as well!

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