Wedding decoration: everything you need to know

Wedding decoration: everything you need to know

To guide you, keep in mind these vital steps that will allow you to get what you want more easily and achieve a very special decoration at the wedding.

When you think about your day, without a doubt, one of the things about the organization of the wedding that most come to mind and that is also the reason that keeps you up at night the most, is the decoration. It is a day to remember. What will be one of the most important days of your lives and therefore, you want everything to be perfect and every detail speaks of your personality, your tastes, and your history as you would yourselves? But, far from ending up being a headache, the choice of decoration can be one of the most fun and interesting parts of the whole process. Apart from that, without a doubt, you will also remember because it is there where you will be able to unleash your creativity and your style.

Style Of The Bride And Groom

Sometimes, finding the style that best suits you or “polishing” that tangle of ideas that you initially have, can seem like a long and difficult job. Nothing else. Our recommendation as wedding planners is to start looking for those ideas that best reflect your style, your tastes, and your personality, helping us with channels like Instagram or Pinterest and creating folders or boards in which you put everything that, at first seems to be unconnected but which, without a doubt, will later reflect your style.

Search, save, and repeat like a mantra when you have a gap when you are thinking about it, or when you have an idea in your head. Although at first, it may seem that all the images you search for and find are not very related to each other, this serves to find those elements that are repeated. Those details that, for some unconscious reason, catch your attention and are always there. These elements are the ones that will best define your style. The same colors, the same outdoor places,… You will realize that there is a common link that will become an essential element on the day of your wedding.

The Budget

Every budget is adaptable and this is another point that keeps you awake at night. Taking into account the first, you should know that, once you have found your style and those elements that cannot be missing in your wedding, the budget can be adapted based on that. If, for example, you dream of a wedding in the middle of the night, under a starry sky and with a heart attack lighting and, on the other hand, you do not give so much importance to the flowers, you can allocate part of the budget of the latter so that the lighting be perfect and according to what you are thinking.

If the economic aspect is not a problem for you, work on a decoration that reflects exactly what you are looking for, but do not fall into an excess and excessive combination of style due to a lack of knowledge on the subject. In that case, it is always positive to have the advice of professionals to carry out your idea and thus see what part of your wedding budget will be dedicated to decoration.

Season Of The Year, Place, And Environment

Special wedding decoration tips

While it is true that most weddings are held in summer, spring, autumn weddings, and even winter, they are becoming more common. Each season has a different style and needs and, if you have chosen that day, it is because, without a doubt, the season also accompanies your style.

  • In winter, Christmas can contextualize the wedding, as well as snow, pine forests, wooden houses in the middle of the mountain, and pineapples…
  • In spring, flowers can take on a special role and fill the celebration with freshness and color, taking advantage of open spaces and landscapes full of life.
  • Summer, like spring, gives special importance to outdoor events, especially at night, with the scent of plants and trees, subdued decorations, and gardens full of decorative elements.
  • In autumn, colors take the lead again, this time warmer and perfect for placing furniture in open spaces between trees or in interiors with wood and vintage or country objects.

The place, the environment and the season go hand in hand, and therefore, you must take these three points into account when defining the style, choosing the decoration, and the elements that will accompany it. Keep these tips in mind:

  • It is difficult for the place to fit 100% with you
  • Try to adapt to the place to decorate your wedding but without forgetting the personalization.
  • Designing a decoration in accordance is a good idea to blend in with the landscape.
  • Environment, place, and personal style form a whole that lays the foundations for the final decoration.


Another fundamental part that generally also worries you a lot is the search for the necessary suppliers for that day. Without a doubt, providers must connect with you in the same way they do. They must capture your essence, your idea, and what you want and need for that day. Similarly, they must be suppliers that fit your budget or are willing to provide you with ideas and alternatives that may fit you better. In this sense, there are endless suppliers that you can count on at your wedding, however, considering the decoration, we could say that the main ones would be:


This a very important axis in any wedding, whether you like flowers or not, and whether you want a great floral decoration or if you only need a few small details and centerpieces. Flowers and floral masters play a fundamental role since good decoration and a good choice of flowers for the different corners will give that special touch to your wedding. It will be the icing on top of the cake of the style you choose for your wedding and therefore, it is very important that this provider understands, and knows how to capture and recreate what you need and are asking for. That adapts to your style and knows how to look for alternatives.

Kitchenware, furniture, tents

Several very different suppliers would enter here, and you must take into account if your style requires a specific type of kitchenware or more appropriate furniture… And here is the time and place that you choose for your day. Will it be outdoors? Do you have a tent? Is the ceremony far from the banquet? These are points to take into account when it comes to having these suppliers and, above all, when choosing decoration both inside and outside the chosen places and on the paths that lead to them.

Lights, photo booth

We could summarize this part in “audiovisual and multimedia”… This also forms a great world apart from very varied colors and options, all always adapted to the type of wedding you want to have: A daytime wedding will hardly need candles or lights and yet a wedding at night, outdoors, will cry out for some pretty lights. The photo booth can be another element of decoration, which serves as a meeting place for guests: For example, the classic chesterfield decorated with flowers in the background never fails

Wedding planner

And finally… us! We form a fundamental part in the organization and coordination of your day, but also in advising and choosing your style when decorating and choosing corners. Having someone to help and guide you, not only on the day of the wedding but also in the months leading up to it, can make a big difference. in terms of time and effort invested in searching and thinking about what ideas can fit in which spaces. A wedding planner will give you the necessary guidelines to be able to reach that style that you may not yet have defined but that is there and, in addition, will help and guide you through the different steps to be carried out, both in the search for necessary suppliers and in the most appropriate decoration for the spaces of the chosen environment.

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