7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress

7 Tips To Choose The Perfect Wedding Dress

How to choose the right wedding dress for me? Who to bring with you when you start looking for a wedding dress? How long does it take to start the search? Special bride. If you are looking for your wedding dress, these 7 tips will help you choose the right one without stress.

Almost every girl dreams of her wedding day, the dress she will wear, the man she will marry, the church, the reception …

Going to the shops in search of the wedding dress can be fun, exciting, but we all know that she can even being one of the most stressful moments.

How to choose the right wedding dress? Which is the best model for my body? What is the trendiest wedding dress of the season?

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There are many questions that beset the mind of young future brides. It is absolutely exciting for many women, even if for some it is … a total nightmare.

The only sure thing is that the dress must be purchased. And you have to do it in time: you can choose whether to make the tailored suit, in this case you have to consider the time required for tailoring, or already packaged.

In any case, start to browse magazines, search the web and look at the windows at least 10 months before the fateful date.

In the atelier, the garment collections arrive twice a year …

  • The Spring – Summer collection arrives at the end of December
  • The Autumn – Winter collection arrives at the end of May or June.

To help make the purchase of the wedding dress easier, we have compiled

7 tips for Bride Shopping

Wedding Dress
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With the most important points that every future bride must know …

1) Establishing the budget

First of all establish your budget for the purchase of the wedding dress.

If you do not want to or cannot go out of budget, do not look at the clothes with a price range away from your wallet, so do not be disappointed.

2) Style

Your wedding dress must reflect your style and your personality.

Classic, romantic, eccentric, trendy whatever your choice try to do it in harmony with the location of your wedding, everything must follow a unique line, with respect to your taste but also to the place where the reception will be held.

Harmony of style: At weddings we see really everything, among the guests there is always someone dressed in a particular way, often too much too!

Sometimes even worse: Who has never happened to be in a marriage, where the bride really seemed out of place?

Strange? No, I assure you that it happened and that’s why you have to be careful.

If the bride is dying to wear a princely dress complete with a gala ball, she cannot arrange exotic beach wedding!

Another detail to observe is the period in which the wedding will take place : if the wedding day takes place in the hot season, clothes with fresh, light fabrics are fine; in the cold season you can choose slightly more opaque fabrics, with some accessories that can keep you warm.

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3) Book appointment with the best designers

To choose and design your dream dress, it is necessary to make an appointment with the best designers and atelier brides.

Organize with your mother, best friend, and bridesmaid a special Shopping Day and … have fun!

The opinion of people, who love us and can be trusted, is essential in choosing the perfect dress.

4) Feeding the body is good for the mind and …

A future hungry and therefore surly bride is not very nice to look at.

It may seem silly, but it is not: hunger can make you irritable and therefore affect your patience, which must be so great.

The day set for Shopping Day, start with a rich breakfast and try to stay as relaxed as possible: go to a store, not to a medical visit!

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5) Take care of your appearance

Even if it is not necessary to make a super-perfect make-up (eye to the foundation stains on the wedding dress!), It may be a good idea to arrive at the atelier with well-groomed hair and a light make-up. They will make a better picture when you wear the various clothes.

Also, with your skin and hair in place, you will feel more comfortable and this will increase your self-confidence and make you even more beautiful!

6) Underwear

Pay attention to the linen you will wear that day, as it must be suitable for the test of wedding dresses; if you do not yet know the type of dress you choose, bring a couple of different choices, such as a strapless bra, or a push-up bra, etc.

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7) Do not rush, but do not try too many!

Most of the time, after trying a pair of clothes, you’ll find the right one right away.

I know, the temptation to try every dress that we propose is very strong, but it can cause confusion.

In the important ateliers will give you the right advice to help you choose the right dress for you, look at yourself in the mirror for a long time and check that the dress you have chosen makes you feel at ease.

Finally, after you have found the perfect dress, focus on other purchases such as underwear, accessories, shoes and … shopping continues!

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