Bridal looks for a romantic wedding with a vintage taste

Bridal looks for a romantic wedding with a vintage taste

There is nothing more representative of a romantic vintage wedding dress to relive the atmospheres and sensations characteristic of the “times that were” even on the day of your wedding. In recent years we have seen how many couples of future spouses choose to attribute a style with retro flavors to their wedding, a bit because they are fascinated by the charm that the past always has, but also to show a personal passion for a given decade.

For the bride, moreover, a look with vintage references represents the best expedient to express femininity and romantic allure that is hard to find today. But how is an outfit of this type made up? Analyzing the latest collections of bridal couture we have selected for you the best wedding dresses, but always with an eye to the past!

Divine volumes and princely cuts Bridal looks for a romantic wedding with a vintage taste

A glance at the wedding photos of the most famous 20th-century icons was enough to understand that this is the look you want to show off on your big day. Impossible to blame you, the class and elegance that shines from the appearance of these renowned brides exert a bewitching charm, capable of being remembered even after decades. It is one of the best tips for bridal looks.

If you dream of introducing yourself to the altar wrapped in an aura of magnificence and splendor, take inspiration from the sumptuous princess cut lace wedding dresses seen in the latest collections: by looking at these models it is easy to see how many designers have taken their own looks bridal divas of the past to offer imposing models with noble features that certainly won’t go unnoticed. Endless lengths and opulent volumes are the factors that more than any other feature define the style of the skirts that so much recall the clothes with crinoline typical of the late nineteenth-century great ladies.

Retro fabrics and colors

Many future brides near the wedding are enchanted by the charm of a retro dress not only for that nostalgic and somewhat mysterious air typical of a bygone era but also by the care and attention in the choice of materials of these garments. Refined chantilly and rebrode lace combined with precious embroidery adorn undisputed splendor, bringing to light the ancient workmanship and all the minutiae that still today make us dream and allow us to savor the passion for the meticulous craftsmanship. It is one of the best tips for bridal looks.

As for colors, white reigns supreme: there is no mention of the traditional optical shade, but of all those nuances that range from ivory to cream, then flowing into beige in all its shades, guaranteeing a pleasantly lived-in effect.
Sequins and beads will be your precious allies should you wish to give a very chic touch to your outfit, but the important thing is not to fall into excesses: only delicate embroideries made with silver pearls or bright glitter applications will be enough to immediately recall the distinctive charm 20s luxury parties!

The timeless charm of the veil

The accessory that more than any other you will not be able to make you miss in a bridal look, in the name of nostalgic romance is definitely the bridal veil! Better if it is long, indeed very long, the veil is that indispensable complement that will give a mysterious air but from divine grace. Do you know the secret to characterizing your hairstyle with a totally vintage touch? Just choose one in the same fabric as your dress while maintaining the same nuance, for a total look with a strong impact but definitely in line with the canons of good taste! It is one of the best tips for bridal looks.

Even short bridal veils are allowed, provided they fall soft to at least half back: they will come in handy to emphasize a semi-collected bridal hairstyle, even better if they are enriched by a glitter clasp or a precious tiara.
And just to stay on the subject of hair accessories, don’t forget that tiaras and crowns are the protagonists of a divine look with romantic retro notes!

Veiled sleeves for an unprecedented elegance

Leafing through our gallery you will certainly not go unnoticed as the attention of creatives at the head of the main haute couture fashion houses has focused on the sleeves: veiled, puffed or very wide, they play a leading role in the collections that are most popular they are inspired by a purely vintage attitude. And it is not just a simple detail with an aesthetic taste, but a real ploy stolen from the customs of eras, not too far away.
Until a few years ago, in fact, the bon ton envisaged that the bride could not appear at the altar with bare shoulders, as well as with too deep or provocative necklines, as it was considered in bad taste.

Although in modern times there has been a succession of innovations with the introduction of short wedding dresses and ultra-modern cuts, sometimes a detail taken from the past can also represent that harmonious encounter between elegance and tradition. It is one of the best tips for bridal looks.
In addition to the more classic long sleeves in lace, the triumph of three-quarter length, often characterized by large volumes or elaborate embroideries, was established in the latest fashion shows.

A wedding is made up of increasingly advanced traditions and novelties, but there are customs such as the first dance or the exciting launch of bridal bouquets destined to remain immutable even with the passage of time. In the same way, even an outfit with romantic vintage notes represents an evergreen in terms of wedding fashion and no innovation or trend can ever match its splendor!

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