Keys to choosing the ideal wedding dress

Keys to choosing the ideal wedding dress

We started planning our wedding and one of the first things we want to solve is the design of the wedding dress. We dream it from girls, we imagine, maybe even ever talked about it and it was time to bring it to reality. We want to be divine, to feel comfortable and speak (well) of it. Where to begin? What is it used? How do I not seem disguise? So many questions!

Dresses famous as the last we saw of Kate Middleton or Luisana Lopilato, inspire us, give us ideas, but sometimes it is difficult to adapt to our body and our budget.

With the help of some of the most important designers such as Benito Fernandez, Laurencio Adot, Sylvie Burtin and Mary Pryor, we put together a list of trends, data and tips to keep in mind when looking for the ideal dress.

ideal wedding dress
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Take note!

Rule # 1: The most important thing is that your dress with you has to do with how you’re how you feel and keep your style. Be comfortable in it and feel that you represent is essential.

Where, when: When thinking about the design, consider the place of the ceremony, the party, the time of year and time of day. Not the same enter to a smaller or larger church, celebrate in a field at noon or night in the hotel ballroom.

Consider: Large churches allow the bride to make her entrance with a long tail, which is going to look better than in a smaller place. In general, if the party is day, outdoors, clothing may be quieter; however, if it is night, you can throw all the glitter and be more glamorous.

Color: The dress can be white, off white or combined with another tone. One thing: the different shades of color make the design look better in photos.

ideal wedding dress
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Genres: The clothes are more complex in terms of textures and in terms simpler forms. The cut and cut empire waist is used, with bands or belts. A novelty is being used as new texture leather for wedding dresses. The lace is still used alone or combined with other genres such as silk tulle, organza silk, satins and taffetas. Embroidery is also used with rhinestones, metal or strikeouts.

Neckline: Always consider how to dress neckline think what you will. Some are being used now are v – neckline, the neckline shirt type, round with wider straps and strapless classic.

Accessories: To full rings and bracelets are used! The rings can be large, crystal or color.

Feet: You have to look good walking shoes, more if we have them on all night (you can have a few ballerinas for when your feet do not give more!). Chinese taco and platform help them feel safer. Another option that adds to the sandals is shoes fish mouth.

Cola in dress yes or no: Depends on each dress. In general, does not come from the skirt, it is better if removable or continues from the veil. In winter you can also use a jacket or long coat.

Bride's veil
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For winter: If you marry in a very cold night, the look can be more winter with vest embroidered brocade with a capita or angora sweaters, for example.

Hottest party: A sober look for the religious ceremony can be converted into something more sensual feast for changing some details: the straps can be removable; they can change the accessories or shorten the length of the dress.

Prices: There is something for all budgets, but always keep in mind that the more sophisticated and more details have, the more expensive it will be started from $ 3000.

There are no rules: Never forget that despite the trends, recommendations and advice that can give you, no rules to choose your style. The most important thing is the attitude with which the suit, safety and happiness felt at that moment takes.

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