The 9 bridal trends you have to know if you get married in 2018

The 9 bridal trends you have to know if you get married in 2018

Do you marry in 2018? Aim for these trends because it is the fashion that is going to devastate. Traditional brides have given way to those who like to risk and make a difference with original dresses. The low-cut shoulders, shoulders to the air, looks with pants and veils sleeves are some of the novelties that dominate the bridal fashion of this year.

Backs to the air

Bridal trends 2018
Hannibal Laguna

The most sensual wedding dresses have low-cut backs, or air, transparent or tattoo effect, they are the protagonists of many designs, but without losing the romanticism and elegance of a bride. A fantastic alternative if you want to avoid front neckline and at the same time you do not like to be so covered.

The magic of tulle

Bridal trends 2018
Rosa Clará

If you are a very romantic bride, do not hesitate to choose the magic of tulle for your wedding look. Dresses of tight bodies combined with skirts of much volume, with layers and layers of tulle to look like a princess. There are also more discreet options with pretty fall tulle skirts, to combine with more discreet top garments. A look in the purest Carrie Bradshaw style.

Shoulders to the air ‘off the shoulder’

Bridal trends 2018

The boho style, so fashionable in recent seasons, is at a point where its most representative designs are those of shoulders to the air. The fashion ‘off the shoulders’ that has invaded the stree-style, has also moved to wedding dresses. Designs with or without straps in charge of teaching the clavicle and shoulders, one of the most sensual areas in the female body.

The return of the layers

Bridal trends 2018
Bridal trends 2018
Monica Cordera

The bridal coat is one of the trends that has been sweeping. Many models replace the veil with a long layer of the same fabric as the dress or made in tulle with details of lace and rhinestones. It is a perfect option for all those who do not want veil or dress with long tail. There are also models of capeline or layers as a coat for winter brides.

Victorian look

Bridal trends 2018

Collars up, puffed sleeves, lace … if you want to be a bride that gives off a halo of mystery bet on the Victorian look that brands propose. A trend of romantic aesthetics based on silks, chiffon, satin, muslin and embroidered details in lantern sleeves and shoulder pads, which we also see with a cosmopolitan touch in some looks.

Star detail? The rhinestones

Bridal trends 2018
St. Patrick

If you want to look like a princess, the jewel is your best ally. Especially we see it in spectacular jewel backs that are combined with minimalist lines so that the result is not baroque. It is also responsible for adorning delicate skirts and lace bodies with frost rhinestones, that is, in matt, ideal to shine on your wedding day.

Sleeves veils

Bridal trends 2018

The sleeves veils that replace the veils to traditional veils is one of the great novelties of the season. Ana Boyer with its Pronovias dresses has been one of the first to bet on this risky trend but there are many brands that already include them in their collections. It is a romantic trend with a more informal touch.

Outfits with pants

Bridal trends 2018
Color Nude

The brands want the current brides to break the rules, that’s why each time they propose in their collections outfits with trousers. Two pieces of classic style or culotte pants, the result is a male outfit while sexy.

Two-piece outfits

Bridal trends 2018

The reign of the wedding dress in one piece is being dethroned. For the less traditional brides, the two-piece styling is one of the trends that you will love. A perfect option to combine and look different looks the same day alternating garments. On the one hand the brands propose two matching pieces (skirt and trousers with a crop top), and on the other skirts of one fabric and top of another to achieve a double look on the same day.

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