How to take proper care of your hair naturally before your marriage

How to take proper care of your hair naturally before your marriage

Every bride months before marriage should take care of her body and prepare to look radiant on the day of the wedding. These preparations begin months before and in the case of hair care usually include monthly or biweekly reconditioning treatments, which are carried out by our favorite stylist, and will be based on chemical products. In this article, we will discuss how to take proper care of your hair naturally before your marriage.

However, we know that along with these care, we need to nourish the hair and give it a more natural help. That is why, we recommend brides to opt for treatments, masks or natural remedies, made at home, or possibly interspersed with monthly reconditioning that must be carried out in your favorite spa.

Whether a year before, six or three months before the wedding, the sooner you start with one or more natural treatments for your hair, it will be much better, since you will rehabilitate your scalp and hair length, leaving you a space of time to grow healthy. That is, you will have time to have new and healthy hair from birth. Here are some home treatments to apply months before your wedding.

7 Natural treatments to take proper care of your hair before your marriage

  1. Mayonnaise and beer
  2. Lemon juice
  3. Olive oil and banana
  4. Treatments for days before the wedding
  5. Avocado and egg
  6. Quick methods
  7. The basics

How to take proper care of your hair- 1: Mayonnaise and beer

The first thing we will try to achieve is a deep repair of the hair damaged by different factors, both chemical and climatic or the same stress. This home remedy will serve to revitalize your hair, so it is important to use it several months before marriage, to ensure that new hair that is born nourishes and looks perfect.

We need olive oil, half a glass of beer, and 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise or yellow mustard. In the half glass of beer pour the two tablespoons of mayonnaise, if it is possible that mayonnaise prepared at home would be perfect. Then, mix the preparation, and apply it to your hair for a period of half an hour. Make sure you rinse your hair with warm water or, if possible, with cold water, as this is known to brighten hair. It is important to apply it twice a week if you wish to sleep before or in the morning. Make sure the days you do not apply, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner without salt.

Mayonnaise and beer

How to take proper care of your hair- 2:  Lemon juice

The lemon juice will add shine especially to dry hair. Squeeze about five lemons in a glass and pour this juice into the usual shampoo, without salt, which you always use. Shake your shampoo bottle with lemon juice and you will apply this mixture every day.Lemon juice

How to take proper care of your hair- 3: Olive oil and banana

Another mask whose use you will have to apply once a month and it will help you if you have very damaged brittle and dry hair. The ingredients are a ripe banana or silk banana, and olive oil. In a mortar poured a little olive oil equivalent to 3 tablespoons. Then, cut the banana into slices like a fruit salad, and pour it into the mortar. You grind the ingredients and when you take a mask texture spread it on your hair. Hold it there for 2 or 3 hours (it’s a pre-wash mask), then rinse your hair with cold or warm water.Olive oil and banana

How to take proper care of your hair- 4: Treatments for days before the wedding

Days before marriage your hair will need special care because for the different social events you will attend (showers, bachelorette party, meetings at work or family) your hair will be exposed to hairstyles, use of the dryer, tweezers, dye. That is why it is necessary for a few days to recover the health and beauty of always.Treatments for days before the wedding

How to take proper care of your hair- 5: Avocado and egg

Both ingredients contain special nutrients for our hair, either by ingesting them or applying them from the outside, they will restore health to your hair. For this mask, you only need a ripe avocado, an egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil.

In a glass Pyrex sees the ripe avocado and crushes it with a fork, and then pours the yolk and then the olive oil. Mix the elements in such a way that you have as a result a soft cream, which you will apply to wet hair, leaving it to act for half an hour. Then, you will rinse with cold or warm water. This treatment can be used once a week, one month before the wedding, you will see the changes.Egg

How to take proper care of your hair- 6: Quick methods

Achieving beautiful hair in a week is somewhat complicated; however, if you do not have time to repair it, a few weeks before the wedding, dedicate yourself to moisturize your hair: take a lot of water which you should always do, and apply some hydrating mask like the one of avocado and egg. Clean your scalp, using a shampoo without salt and conditioner or apple cider vinegar. Massage your scalp with olive oil and blonde sugar, this will help clean and disinfect your hair.

Exfoliate your hair and massage with the tips of your fingers, use olive oil or mint. Aloe Vera helps to eliminate the bad smell of the hair, eliminates the fat and dandruff.Quick methods

How to take proper care of your hair- 7: The basics

To keep your hair well maintained and healthy it is necessary that you dedicate yourself thoroughly, and not just days before the wedding. Always brush it before bedtime, this stimulates blood circulation and will allow it to grow faster. Avoid exposing your hair to the sun, in any case, use moisturizing cream or hair treatments based on coconut after each wash, to restore freshness and smoothness.

To untangle the knots in the hair do not pull, jerk or break sharply. Better, use the jojoba oil, or our great ally the coconut oil. Apply a little of this substance on the knot and in a few moments, it will unravel.

A healthy diet is key; increase your intake of vegetables and fruits daily, as well as dairy, fish and a good amount of water. We guarantee that with this care to your body your hair will look incredibly bright and have a healthy look. The basics

We hope you will like these treatments to take proper care of your hair before your marriage. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!

Stephanie Cleghorn

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