Bridal makeup: Tips and secrets for make up on your wedding day

Bridal makeup: Tips and secrets for make up on your wedding day

Dress: chosen! Location: chosen! Flowers: chosen! The wedding day is fast approaching and in the to do list you get to the question bridal makeup. For all of 2017 brides we asked some questions to the makeup artist, that will complement the wedding planner.

What is the secret to a test make-up of tears and kisses?

Bridal makeup
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The makeup wedding cannot do without some professional products that guarantee to make a brightness and a perfect fit: first of all the facial and eye primer, which applied before foundation and eyeshadow allow products adhere better to the skin and to blend together to make a perfect base.

Do not forget the lip primer, which applied before the lipstick creates a protective film, which gives the lipstick radiance and firmness for the duration of the entire festival.

Finally, it is important to fix and dulling the trick with a loose powder, to prevent the formation of spots on the skin and give the complexion a perfect satin light.

Our advice is aimed at beige-golden powders for skin slightly tanned and beige-pink powder for lighter. Finally, never forget the mascara, waterproof strictly.

That day every woman wants to look beautiful: A better or corrective makeup can enhance not transform?

Bridal makeup
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Personally I do not love the corrective makeup for the bride, because I know very well the camouflage products and the result obtained with their use and always very artificial.

Opt for a makeup much more modern, that enhances the natural beauty of women, highlighting the strengths and trying to protect with makeup those, which are commonly seen as defects.

An important nose for example corrects naturally choosing proper hairstyle.

A rather heavy face will look younger if we choose to dress with a neckline more geometric lines.

A small face and edgy finally appear softer choosing an earring rounded design.

All this does not prevent me from using the chiaroscuro technique foundation, powder and lands in order to obtain the fixes that are still the most natural.

The line-up to the eyebrows finally already perceived as not possible to correct a look fresher or a form of eye not exactly perfect.

Finally, a lipstick with natural tones and much more suitable than a more intense and brilliant if the bride does not have a flawless smile.

What are the nuances to be preferred?

Bridal makeup
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In our opinion, there are no shades of make-up to be preferred over others. It is important to observe the bride and according to its nature to orient the choice of palette most appropriate colors.

Rarely use pearly shades because during the passage of the day have the defect to fixate on natural expression lines the eyelids and inevitably bring to light fatigue.

I prefer matte shades mixed with slightly frosted colors, which I believe give a more classic and elegant appearance.

The rule to follow that advice in choosing colors is to take as a reference point the color of their skin.

A bride from pale skin will look more natural and radiant skin if it approaches the light colors and pastel, on the contrary a woman with dark skin or olive will look perfect with more full and rich tones.”

Lipstick: Natural shades better or you can even dare with the most shocking!

Bridal makeup
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Most brides find it difficult to accept an important lipstick because it certainly contrasts greatly with the apparel clarity. I, frankly, I’d rather give a feeling of freshness and delicacy. I particularly enjoy the slightly orangey coral-colored lipstick and delicate pink as the color peony and sugared almonds color.

At the center of the lips, finally I suggest more and apply a clear gloss for volumizing and flesh out the form. It is happened often, however, that some brides, especially abroad, they chose a short dress that recalls a bit the years 50-60.

Here, for these, I felt perfect make-up that would evoke the full icons of that era: black eye-liner and red lipstick! We must not forget the red lipstick not only enhances a set of teeth not white but acts directly on the eyes light giving shine and freshness to the eye.

Finally, everything you need to touch up during the day: What should bring the bride to freshen your makeup?

Bridal makeup
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If the trick and well done the bride does not need many things to touch up during the day. But I recommend bringing with it a compact powder to dull some riskier areas such as the nostrils, chin, center of forehead, and always have a gloss to the lips in order.

Unfortunately, you can do very little, if for eye makeup were chosen the cream eyeshadows that dramatically warming will tend to sink to the eyelid line.

One last tip: get yourself a spray vaporized thermal water: not only sets the work is finished makeup, but lets keep it fresh and natural transparency even towards the end of the wedding party.

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