Which Lights Should I Choose for My Marquee?

Which Lights Should I Choose for My Marquee?

Marquees are an increasingly popular choice for weddings and other events, gatherings and celebrations. If you want to use a marquee after the sun has gone down, choosing the right type of lighting ensures visibility for guests and can enhance the atmosphere. Which lights should you go for?

Stick to LEDs

For safety reasons, choose LED bulbs to light up the marquee. According to LEDs Magazine, LED lights don’t produce heat, so they’re not hot to touch. This means they can be positioned in locations where hot sources could be a problem. LED lights won’t cause scorch marks on the marquee walls, or worse, burn it down!

Light Types

Fairy lights are a great choice for use in marquees. They look dainty and offer great versatility. If choosing fairy lights, bear in mind that they won’t provide a great deal of illumination, so you might wish to complement them with brighter lights on tables. Consider connectable lights for your event. These offer an ingenious way to string together elements of lighting, which can usually be powered from a single plug socket.

Size Matters

When deciding which type of lights to choose for your marquee, base your decisions according to the size of the structure. Consult your marquee hire company, such as http://www.2intents.co.uk/, who provide marquee hire in Kent and other areas, to find out the exact dimensions of your marquee. You’ll need to ensure you have enough lighting to illuminate the space, but not so much that it is too dazzling and undermines the ambience. If you’re dressing trees in the marquee, 10m of fairy lights for every 3ft of tree is a good rule of thumb.


Lighting nowadays comes in all sorts of different colours, so think about what kind of setting you want to create with your choice of bulb colour. For an event such as a wedding, you can’t go too far wrong with a warm white colour of light. But if you’re celebrating a birthday party, perhaps coloured lights might add a touch of vibrancy to your bash. It’s not just the colour of the bulb that you should give consideration too, either. Think about the colour of the cable. White is invariably the best choice of cable colour, as it will blend in seamlessly with the colour of your marquee fabric.

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