How to choose bridal earrings

How to choose bridal earrings

The dress, the decoration, the invitations, the menu… So many things to organize at a wedding! Any detail can make a difference and the bridal look is one of the priorities, so everything has to be taken care of to the millimeter. The most important thing is to find the dream dress, one with which you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. Then, shoes, are another essential that will mark style and comfort. The bouquet is a distinctive accessory for any bride. The makeup, the hairstyle… and the earrings?

We explain how to choose bridal earrings, one of the accessories that will put the icing on the cake of the bridal outfit. If you want to be the great protagonist of your day, look for earrings that make you shine.

How to choose bridal earrings according to the look

If bridal earrings have to go with something, it is, without a doubt, the bridal outfit. It is very important to create harmony between all the elements, accessories, and accessories that will make up your bridal look. To achieve this, we leave you some tips:

Styling: deciding the styling that you will wear on your wedding day is the first step in selecting the jewels that will accompany it. Follow the lines of the chosen dress and pay attention to all its details. Our advice: don’t mix too many styles at once.

Other accessories: if in addition to the earrings you are going to wear other jewels, it is important to achieve harmony between all of them. If you choose to wear a necklace or choker, bet on discreet earrings. If you’re wearing a tiara, look for matching earrings that are made of the same material. In these cases, each jewel must have its own role and respect that of the others in due measure. Our advice: less is more.

Silhouette: the type of silhouette can also be decisive when choosing bridal earrings. For example, if you have a long, thin neck, any type of earrings, such as diamond earrings, might suit you. On the contrary, if you are short, or have a short or wide neck, it is better to avoid long earrings since they shorten the figure. In these cases, we recommend you bet on button-style or short earrings.

Neckline type: the dress is the key to choosing earrings. Notice the neckline. If you have bare shoulders with a strapless or sweetheart neckline, bet on long earrings. If the neckline is open or V-type with thin straps, the earrings will suit you whether they are short or long. On the contrary, if the dress has an open neckline, but has sleeves, opt directly for short or button earrings. For dresses with a neckline, bateau neckline, or illusion, select drop earrings, stud earrings, or small hoops to complete your look.

How to choose bridal earrings according to hairstyle

And if the dress and the style are important, the chosen hairstyle is not for less. Discover how to combine hairstyle and earrings perfectly, and make a difference with a round style:

Loose hair: long earrings will be perfect for you since the small and short ones will go unnoticed and will be lost in the hair. Side hairstyles or behind the ear will give more prominence to large earrings.

Semi-collected: for this style, any earring can look good, since the face will be clear.

Picked up: if we talk about bows or pigtails that leave the hair tight, large earrings will be the best option. If, on the contrary, it is an up-do with a tousled effect, bet on short or small earrings.

But if you don’t know what hairstyle to wear on your wedding day, this other article on Bridal Hairstyles may help you.

How to choose bridal earrings according to the wedding style

Although it may seem crazy to you, the earrings are one more element of the wedding outfit, so they have to go according to the marked style. Undoubtedly, the earrings will go hand in hand with the bride’s dress and hairstyle, but attention must be paid to both the design and the material to unify all the concepts. That is if the wedding is classic, bet on earrings in the same line. So that the union of all the elements of the wedding is in harmony with your earrings, follow these tips:

Classic wedding: the bride’s attire should follow this style. If your dress is princess-cut or similar, wearing pearls, small diamonds or fine button-style diamonds will be a success to stay in tune.

Original wedding: the classic accessories will be left out of your look. For this type of wedding, bet on earrings with original designs, with colored gems that give a fun touch to the set of the outfit chosen for the big day.

Boho style wedding: the styling of this wedding is very specific and identifying and you can use aged jewelry, natural motifs, or pieces of fabric to complete the bohemian look. In these cases, forget about diamonds and brilliants.

Vintage wedding: follow the line of the vintage look with large earrings, gold, or aged silver. Take a look at how he dressed in the past and bet on ornate designs. You will succeed!

Whatever your style, there are bridal earrings for you. Remember that the bridal look is very important, that day you will be the real protagonist. Put the icing on the styling with the best jewelry. Which one do you prefer?

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