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How to be radiant on your wedding day? 5 tips for face care

How to be radiant on your wedding day? 5 tips for face care

Each of us have our tricks and habits of particular beauty that reflect the daily care of body and face. If you’re getting married in the coming months, it is very important that you maintain a good beauty routine to be radiant on your wedding day. Opting for natural and do not commit excesses with makeup in order to look a good look. If you take care of today, tomorrow you’ll be spectacular.

To show a good face, healthy and smooth, pay attention to anything that damages the skin, such as external factors like stress and pollution. Although this, with the passage of time, it cannot be stopped but it can act with a good daily facial care. Opting for beauty treatments effective months before your wedding because they require some dedication to achieve visible results.

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The main steps for perfect skin are: moisturize, nourish and protect. There are three basic actions that you should not carry out day after day. At WeddingHairstyle we offer five tips for skin care of the face. That you do not miss any!

1. Soft massage

A ritual that you do every morning are massage on her face. Make small circular movements from the bottom up with the tips of his fingers. This will help improve the brightness of the skin and be radiant on your wedding day or any special occasion.

2. Natural Exfoliation

A homemade mask is truly wonderful for the skin. On the Internet there are numerous recipes with all natural ingredients to suit your needs. In addition, there are very simple recipes with ingredients that all have at home, such as oil, milk, yogurt or sugar. Easy, affordable and with very good results. Look for the one that suits your skin type.

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3. Say goodbye to snuff

The snuff has numerous negative effects on the heart, lungs and increases the risk of cancer. Also ages the skin quickly and aggressively. If you smoke, keep in mind that be may appear premature wrinkles, dehydration occurs or difficulty healing occurs. One more reason to quit.

4. Bask with caution

The sunscreen when sunbathing is critical for predicting the aging of the skin and prevent possible diseases caused by radiation. Although the soles a source of vitamins, prolonged exposure without any protection can cause the appearance of spots and premature wrinkles . Basking are head and watch out before, during and after exposure.

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5. Skin cleansing

It is advisable to perform at least 20 days before the wedding a treatment in your favorite beauty center to make a clean cuits. Cleaning and allow you to cleanse and moisturize the face. It is advisable to take the following steps to carry out a good cleaning: open the pores with warm water and baking soda, make a homemade exfoliating scrub with sugar, honey and lemon, use cleansing milk, apply a mask of avocado and make facial gymnastics. This is the routine that must continue to be spectacular on your wedding day.

Take note of these tips to be radiant on your wedding day. You will be more beautiful and your skin will have improved.

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