10 Fundamental strategies to make your wedding very special

10 Fundamental strategies to make your wedding very special

When planning your wedding it is important that you surround yourself with people who know you well, who know your tastes, and if you hire wedding planner service, open your ears, and let yourself be guided, they know the sector perfectly. In this article, we give you 10 strategies to make your wedding very special.

There are many things that you would have overlooked if not for these tips and tricks that are important to take into account. You will need help because it is an important day where every detail counts. Having everything under control is something difficult to achieve with our schedules so tight.

10 strategies to make your wedding very special are given here:

  1. The guests first of all
  2. Choose the date
  3. Eye with Mother Nature
  4. Plan your wedding with an order
  5. Do not delay the date too much
  6. Prepare for rejection
  7. The budget goes up a lot
  8. The purchase of your dress
  9. It’s the countdown
  10. The day of your wedding arrived

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 1: The guests first of all

Make an approximate calculation of the guests you want to attend your wedding before hiring the banquet. This will ensure there is enough space for them to be comfortable. This proportion ranges from 25 to 30 m2 per guest.

It may be excessive, but you have to count on the spaces of tables, chairs, the banquet staff can give a good service, the orchestra, and the dance floor. The guests first of all

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 2: Choose the date

Anticipate and look for a date that does not coincide with any holiday, a fair in your city or another chosen city, a convention, a talk, this would seriously affect the availability of the place for the banquet and if you have guests that are going to stay, it could be complicated by the availability of rooms.

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 3: Eye with Mother Nature

Pay attention to the weather and other possible future nuisances of conditioning of the place you choose. You must avoid by all means that your guests spend too much heat if, for example, you hire the banquet outdoors in summer.

Keep in mind that mosquitoes or other insects can be annoying, especially if someone drops a fly on your plate or leaves your wedding with mosquito bites, it may seem silly but not your guests.

As a detail, it gives each guest a mosquito repellent that is funny but will be very effective. If you hire a tent, make sure to fit it, nowadays there are many integrated services.

If you hire a wedding in winter, make sure you have good air conditioning, and that the guests do not spend waiting deadlines in cold places.

If you want a wedding on the beach, take into account weather conditions and inclement weather, saltpeter, sand, wind.

If you get married on the beach in the afternoon, make sure that you want to coincide with the sunset.Eye with Mother Nature

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 4: Plan your wedding with an order

There are going to be many ideas that you have, that tell you, that you see, that they sell you, it is good to open your ears but save, organize your wedding with an order.

Today there are online wedding managers, with a multitude of provider lists.

You can also create a web page, where besides creating wedding lists; it will be accessible so that all your guests help you with the process interacting more directly.

If you hire wedding planner services you save this process.

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 5: Do not delay the date too much

Normally, most couples set dates one year in advance. Setting the last minute date can play in your favor. If you set your wedding in two months you can save a good percentage of money. The closer the day is set, the more negotiating capacity you have with your suppliers.Do not delay the date too much

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 6: Prepare for rejection

Concise, as a rule approximately 25% of your guests will not attend your wedding. The reasons may be several, they live too far away, economic issues, coincide with their vacations, they cannot by work, family, etc.

Make sure at most one month before the wedding to make calls or mailings to confirm your attendance.

It will be crucial to be confirmed to know for sure the exact number of guests and especially to accommodate those guests who live far from the place of celebration.

However, it could happen that everyone came to your wedding because it is the most anticipated wedding of the year that no one would miss.

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 7: The budget goes up a lot

Do the accounts well since the budget for a wedding must have a balance. Do not hire any provider without having chosen the date and confirmed it. Target your budget for all those things that you consider most important.

Make a list and prioritize if that is the case, in the dress, details for guests, the banquet menu, the music, the flowers, and the photographer, classify them by categories from 1 to 3. Being the 1 the most important and the 3 the less.

Do not add too many details that are expensive and ultimately do not play an important role as your dress or the banquet menu. Less is always more.

The aesthetic is important, but the content and quality more.The budget goes up a lot

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 8: The purchase of your dress

Be smart and choose the person or people that best know you, it is good that they think and wants to advise you, but do not make you doubt about the things that are important to you.

You know your tastes and especially your body. You know what is going to make you feel comfortable. Also do not go alone because you will need the approval and above all the support of someone you trust.

If you hire a wedding planner service, be part of it and let yourself be advised, it will, of course, be the most objective opinion of all.

If you get excited, a good sign, that will be your dress.

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 9: It’s the countdown

It is important that during the week prior to the link, the couple must rest. A week of relaxation begins as you have to get to the big day fresh and without dark circles. It is recommended to do all kinds of beauty treatments during that week.

Whitening of teeth, facials, massages, spa, on the other hand, it is recommended that providers have the schedule in hand, that is, all the details and events that will happen an hour after hour on the day of the wedding, with the participation of friends, family and contracted staff.

Ensure that the speech of the family members are prepared and rehearsed, in their case as tradition marks, the father of the groom and the father of the bride are the protagonists.

Nowadays it is not necessary to follow these rules to the letter, the papers can be reversed and, above all, what is involved is that the family member who does not perform well speaking in public does not suffer.It's the countdown

Strategies to make your wedding very special- 10: The day of your wedding arrived

Make sure the guests are well informed of the ceremony location, i.e. exact location, schedules, and transportation. Do not take calls that day, let yourself be pampered, it’s your day.

Yes, entrust this work to someone you trust, who keeps a list of all suppliers involved in case problems arise and you have to contact them.

If you hire a wedding planner service that work corresponds to you.

It will save you and your family from stress and mainly enjoying the great day.

If you follow these tips you will anticipate the most common unforeseen events that occur on wedding days, take note and control the situation.

We hope you will like these ideas to make your wedding very special. We want your comments and suggestions to promote our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!

Stephanie Cleghorn

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