Five ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes

Five ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes

It is more than clear that on your big day you have to be beautiful and feel unique. But you should also pay special attention to be comfortable; because you will spend many hours standing, plus you will surely dance and dance until dawn. Just as to choose a wedding dress it is necessary that it be done with time, the bridal shoes are an element to which we must pay special attention. For this, we give you five ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes.

It is very important that your bridal shoes do not bother you so you can enjoy your great day to the fullest. You can find pretty bridal shoes but maybe an hour after putting them on them will be killing you. Remember that comfort is not at odds with design, but you have to try to find a balance between comfortable shoes and the shoes you’ve always dreamed of. When you are carrying out that search, follow these 5 tips to choose bridal shoes that best suit you and your style. In this way, you will really be comfortable and spectacular.

Five ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes

  1. Choose based on your needs
  2. Know when to buy your shoes and how to prepare them
  3. Select the type of material and the model according to your dress
  4. Know the types of heels
  5. Tips that can be helpful

Ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes- 1: Choose based on your needs

The immaculate white in the bridal shoes has been left behind. Those times in which the bridal shoes should be only white has been finished. There are endless possibilities for all types of girlfriends, from the most traditional to the most current. Whether it’s high sandals, slim-heeled shoes, stilettos or even espadrilles. The important thing is that your bridal shoes adapt to your style and personality so that you feel yourself and do not have the feeling of being disguised as a bride.

To choose the right shoes, you must take into account the time of year when you will celebrate your wedding; in summer for a beach wedding, you can wear beautiful high-heeled sandals or platform sandals so you do not sink into the sand. If on the contrary, you will celebrate your wedding in autumn or in cold season, booties can be the perfect piece. The mules are a mix between booties and sandals and are totally in trend.

You must take into account the venue of the wedding. If you marry on the beach it would be crazy to wear some boots, you should think about the weather, the type of ground you will step on and especially the hours the wedding will last. If the place of your wedding is paved or garden you should choose shoes with a wide heel that do not trip you up and above all do not get buried in the grass. Choose based on your needs

Ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes- 2: Know when to buy your shoes and how to prepare them

You should never wait until the end to buy your bridal shoes. You probably think that if you buy them too soon, then you will find others that are more beautiful, cheaper or more comfortable, but the truth is that if you see ones that really fall in love with you, you should buy them. This does not mean that you rush and buy the first pair that you think is nice, but consider that it will be better to always take them to your dress test so that it fits perfectly and does not drag you or it is shorter than it should be.

The ideal is that you choose the shoes when you have already chosen the style of the dress and is in a process both the arrangement of it, if you have chosen to do it in an atelier or if it will have adjustments before you use it.

Try them several times, make sure they stay like a glove and do not forget to buy gel insoles or non-slip soles that will help you to fit perfectly to your foot and avoid blisters or rubbing that can be a suffering, especially if it’s about your wedding day.

Ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes- 3: Select the type of material and the model according to your dress

Footwear is one of the most reinvented accessories. All brides want to surprise with their look and have the best bridal shoes. Although it may seem like a compliment that is not visible to the naked eye, most women attach great importance to it. The most chosen by brides are:

Color: Many women choose colored shoes to give a special touch to their look. Depending on the color chosen, they fit any style, from the most classic to the most modern, going through vintage or bohemian.

Peeptoes: High heel and a small platform, these shoes are usually comfortable and stylize the figure due to the height of the heel. They exist in different materials ranging from leather to satin.

Platforms: Very comfortable for the dance and the party after the banquet. They are extremely comfortable footwear if you choose the correct height. If you choose this style of shoes, you will surely hold the whole night without suffering any pain.Select the type of material and the model according to your dress

Ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes- 4: Know the types of heels

It is important that you consider what height and type of heel are ideal for you and your event. It is true that many of the most beautiful shoes are a thin and very high heel, but it will not do any good to buy precious bridal shoes if you end up removing them because you cannot hold the height of the heel or they hurt you. Here we show you the different types of heels that exist so that you can choose without making mistakes:

Height: of more than 12 cm, the high heel is perfect if you are short and you want to stylize your silhouette. You just have to be sure that you will hold them throughout the night. Another option is to use them for the ceremony and banquet and replace them with comfortable platform sandals at the time of the party.

Medium: the average heel is the most common among brides seeking comfort and style, is between 8-12 cm. It is the most chosen by modern brides since every day we choose comfortable footwear and we usually use high heels for special occasions without thinking that the change of height will probably end up being invoiced for not being accustomed.

Low: between 5-8 cm, the low heel is the one most chosen by brides seeking comfort above all, or who want to enjoy their entire wedding without having to worry about pain or discomfort. If you’re not used to wearing higher heels, make sure you choose shoes that are at this height, that stylize your figure but do not make you sacrifice comfort.

Flat: the flat shoe has been imposing itself with strength among contemporary brides; there are many styles, from sandals to finishes, decorated with crystals or feathers and of all colors, so you do not have to forget the style only for wanting to be comfortable at your wedding.

Platform: is another of the styles that are imposed between the brides who opt for comfort or who prefer to change at a given time of the celebration.Know the types of heels

Ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes- 5: Tips that can be helpful

Ivory and white tones can be difficult to match, as the tones can vary a lot, so try them on with the wedding dress or choose a different color.

To go shopping in search of the perfect shoes for you, you must wait at the end of the day, since normally your feet swell in the last hours of the afternoon, in this way you will be sure that the shoes will fit you perfectly and not they will hurt you after a few hours of dancing.

If your wedding will be held during the day, choose soft and cheerful colors, if your wedding is at night, you can choose stronger colors or metallic shades that will highlight much more

Despite choosing the right footwear, it would not hurt if, just in case, you have some reserve shoes that are comfortable and have a little heel. For example, you can cover some of the shoes you usually wear with the same fabric of the wedding dress.

Remember that the variety is the taste and you choose which is best suited to your bridal look. In these times when all the options are at our fingertips, you no longer have to worry about deciding between comfort and style, you can have it all if you choose correctly.Tips that can be helpful

We hope you will like these Ideas to choose comfortable and stylish bridal shoes. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!

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