6 Atlanta Trees To Appreciate

6 Atlanta Trees To Appreciate

If you want to live somewhere with some of the most gorgeous greenery, look no further than the southeastern United States. As a tree-filled urban paradise, Atlanta, Georgia, is one southern city in particular that stands out in its natural beauty despite all of the traffic, buildings and pedestrians.

For anyone in the Peach State who wants to give their outdoor space more character, tree planting Atlanta GA, is always a solid idea. Because the environment is ideal for lush forest landscapes, there is a lot of growth potential. Check out these six Atlanta trees for inspiration.

1. Pawpaw

For a tree that remains under twenty-five feet tall and thrives in shadier environments, the pawpaw is a great addition to any backyard. As a bonus perk, some pawpaw trees produce papaya-like fruit. The flavor tastes like a combination of melon, mango and banana.

2. Devil’s Walkingstick

As one of Georgia’s native trees, the Devil’s Walkingstick gives off a spiny appearance on its branches. With a height potential of 35-feet, this tree is one that can grow. With an umbrella-like appearance after reaching maturity, numerous insects call these trees home including wasps, bees and butterflies.

3. Eastern Redbud

You have heard of the dogwood, but what about the redbud? With some of the most beautiful pinkish-purple flowers and attractive heart-shaped leaves, this tree is easy on the eyes. While it takes years to grow, watching the process can be a real treat for homeowners.

4. American Beech

For another native option that offers heights about three times higher than most others, you cannot have a list of Atlanta trees without including the American Beech. If you want a tree that grows in near-full shade, this is definitely a solid choice. Plus, it is one of the last species to arrive through natural succession.

5. Black Walnut

Speaking of tall native trees, another to think about is a black walnut tree. One thing to keep in mind with this type of tree is that it produces soil-bound chemicals that limit what can grow next to it. For example, blueberry bushes and azaleas will nearly always die when within a black walnut tree’s vicinity.

6. Bigleaf Magnolia

To add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any landscape, a bigleaf magnolia can be just the tree you need. Another native species to the southeastern US, this tree produces cone-shaped pods that contain big red seeds.
With so many thriving tree species in Georgia, it can be difficult to choose between them. This list can inspire ideas.

Marlon Walker

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