Best tips for the makeup of eyes of the bride

Best tips for the makeup of eyes of the bride

The bridal hairstyle and accessories that you have chosen for your princess cut wedding dress are very important for you to look incredibly beautiful walking towards the altar with your bridal bouquet, but do not forget that the makeup will give another touch to this set and will complete your bridal look. You must be very attentive to these tips for choosing the best makeup for your eyes, as they must captivate not only your future husband but all the guests. In this article, we give you 3 interesting and best tips for the makeup of eyes of the bride.

3 tips for the makeup of eyes of the bride

  1. The weapon of seduction
  2. Eyes large or small
  3. To end

Tips for the makeup of eyes of the bride-1: The weapon of seduction

There is a wide range of colors in shadows, eyeliners, and other eye makeup. For the selection of these products, you should investigate and base yourself on seasonal trends, in the makeup that is fashionable or even in the tones that your dress carries, always taking into account whether the wedding will be called day or night.

If the wedding is in the morning, it is recommended that the shadow colors be lighter or brighter, for example, pastel pink, sky blue, beige, gold, silver, etc. This will depend on your taste; another option is to guide you in the colors of the flowers for the wedding.

It uses basic colors in eyeliners that are brown and black. Lately, it is fashionable to combine one of these two with someone else of different color.

On the other hand, if the wedding will be at night you can use shades with dark tones, it is necessary to be well blurred to combine them with some other tone, flash or brightness to enhance the colors in order to give light and depth to your look. The makeup you choose should be according to your skin tone, use colors that favor you and highlight your attributes. Wide range of colors in shadows

Tips for the makeup of eyes of the bride-2: Eyes large or small

The best colors for small eyes are pastel or nacreous accompanying them with luminosity to enhance them; a suggestion is that you use the tones you chose in the natural bridal bouquet. You can use the smokey effect but do not abuse the black; you can replace it with gray, ocher or smoked colors.

if you make very thick strokes the only thing you will achieve is to make your eyes even smaller, that you better make a very thin and simple line. Avoid completely delineating inside, if you are regularly used to this type of stroke is better to use a natural beige tone.

On the contrary, if you have big eyes you will know that they are very easy to make up presume your eyes to the maximum and make them shine. Use dark or matte colors, never forget the luminosity, these should always be in tune, as it will help your eyes find a balance with the rest of the makeup; If you like something more intense and deep, place the shadow flush with the eyelashes to give a striking effect.

The black eyeliner will be your best ally, you can make a stroke on the lower eyelid and achieve a deep effect on your look, and you can make a normal outline of medium size. Put the mascara on the natural or false eyelashes, preferably apply it on the lashes above to dazzle. Avoid painting the lower lashes, this effect will make your eyes look bigger than they are.The outline should be very thin

Tips for the makeup of eyes of the bride-3: To end

Achieve a different touch in your eyes using false eyelashes, ask your make-up artist to apply mascara against water for that of tears, in one of those, your future husband surprises you with some thought of short love. Preferably research on the service of professional makeup artists to give you advice for the choice of your makeup.

When you have the choice of shades to shine your eyes, ask your make-up artist to do a preliminary test to check the final results, so you will feel much surer of your choice. Once you have selected the wedding hairstyle you will achieve that your image is unified with your makeup, giving another touch to your face and make your look sensational.Apply mascara against water for that of tears

Remember that just as a nice headdress complements a collected hairstyle, the right makeup for your eyes will give harmony and perfect balance to both your face and the wedding dress.

We hope you will like these tips for the makeup of eyes of the bride. We want your comments and suggestions to promote our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!

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