Pre-wedding beauty routines for the bride

Pre-wedding beauty routines for the bride

Surely from the day, they gave you the engagement ring you dreamed about your wedding day, and probably already decided the prayers for the wedding invitation, the reception place and even the wedding cake that will look next to the Grooms table, but there is something much more important, the beauty agenda of the bride. In this article, we give you some pre-wedding beauty routines for the bride.

Pre-wedding beauty routines for the bride are given below:

  1. Sport and exercise
  2. Specific medical treatments
  3. Makeup
  4. Hair removal

Pre-wedding beauty routines-1: Sport and exercise

The first thing for this beauty agenda of the bride is to take care of the body, for health, and for toning. The best is the sport or any exercise that suits you; it can be a gym or exercises from home. This does not mean that you have to lose many kilos to see and feel good.

If you start activating your body from nine to 12 months ago, regular exercise can bring you a daily benefit. You will even feel much more energized. Regardless of whether or not you lose a few kilos, being fit will also be reflected in the toning of your muscles, as you will avoid flaccidity and that modern wedding dress that you were so excited about will be much better.

Exercises from home


Pre-wedding beauty routines-2: Specific medical treatments

On the day of the wedding, all eyes will be on you. Brides are usually the center of attention. Therefore, it is understandable that you want to refine certain details of your image that can make you feel more comfortable with yourself.

Although there are beautiful wedding dresses, if your will is to lose some weight to put on a tight mermaid wedding dress, a nutritionist could help you. It is important that you do it with professionals and do not resort to “miracle” diets.

Most brides go to dermatological treatments to eliminate acne or marks derived from it, to the dentist to show a better smile, or for more immediate solutions, use the famous veneers on the wedding day and show off a radiant smile.

In addition to meeting the beauty routine step by step every day, between creams and masks, you have to give the skin a little extra push so that it is radiant on the big day from the entrance to the church until the end of the night. The most common treatments are:

  • Anti-stain: If you have a problem with skin pigmentation.
  • Moisturizing: For skins with the tendency to dry.
  • Anti-aging: Help mitigate expression lines.
  • Illuminator: To give that special shine to your skin that could be extinguished by fatigue or external agents such as pollution.

And you can accompany these treatments with relaxing or exfoliating massage sessions in a spa. In addition to leaving your skin super soft, they will help you to relax from the stress of choosing the best wedding memories.

Most brides go to dermatological treatments

Pre-wedding beauty routines-3: Makeup

It is very important to make two or three appointments prior to the wedding day with the makeup artist, in order to fine-tune the makeup details and if necessary, make the appropriate changes so that you are happy with the result on the big day. Also, for you to check that the material they are going to use on you, does not cause any kind of skin reaction and lasts the necessary time, even when you dismiss your guests from the reception and give them the original wedding memories.The wedding day with the makeup artist

Pre-wedding beauty routines-4: Hair removal

Unless you are following a prolonged treatment of laser hair removal, the week before the wedding is the time to do all the necessary hair removal, both body and facial. And if you have very little hair and prefer to choose to bleach, take into account that the chemicals could also provoke reactions. So be careful with the deadlines to ensure that the skin heals and is in perfect condition, so that the wedding day you have no problem to apply makeup, or react to the products of your makeup artist.

They are also the perfect days to take special care of the eyebrows. If the option you are going to use is that of microblading, it is best to do it one or two months before, so that the pigmentation has adjusted well to your skin, and that you yourself have become accustomed to seeing the eyebrows in this way.

Are you ready to start your beauty agenda? Now you just have to arrange the timetables between appointments to try out evening hairstyles taste the catering for weddings and get ready to shine with your wedding dress on the most important day of your life.A prolonged treatment of laser hair removal

We hope you will like these pre-wedding beauty routines. We want your comments and suggestions to promote our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!

Stephanie Cleghorn

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