Capture Dorsets Natural and Architectural Beauty in Your Wedding Photos

Capture Dorsets Natural and Architectural Beauty in Your Wedding Photos

Glorious Dorset, with its Jurassic Coast, a shoreline of such staggering beauty that it’s been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site – what better setting could there be for the biggest day of your life? If you have booked a Castle for your wedding or your on the sea side you will probably also want a reliable form of transportation to get you and your family to the venue on time.  You could look at a Coach Hire Dorset located on sites like company who will know the area and provide you with a safe and secure mode of transportation.

Dorset, with its natural beauty and gorgeous castles, is home to a number of photographers, all of whom choose to live in this place of beauty to perfect their art. Wedding photography obviously focuses on the couple, but when you choose to have your wedding in a glorious setting, then you want the pictures to show the natural and architectural beauty of the place as well.

Choose Your Photography Style

Most wedding photographers in Dorset will specialise in natural landscapes as well as portraits and work on combining the two. Wedding photography can be traditional (posed portraits), reportage (snapping on the go and getting shots of people in their natural state) or a combination of the two. You can ask for artistic shots, which can work with the natural environment, or dramatic shots, which will using lighting or unusual places or poses to produce photos with a difference.

Where to Shoot Your Photos

Local photographers should be able to guide you on some of the scenic areas where you can have your wedding shots if you decide to take the shoot outside. Visit to get some of your own ideas on what form your wedding shoot could take. Taking some time on your special day to get outside of the venue on your own can provide a moment to take a breather and spend some quality time together.

If you want to stay closer to home, then spend some time on the Lulworth Castle website looking at the architecture and previous shots to determine if there are some special images already captured that you might want to make your own.

It’s up to you whether you choose to shoot in Lulworth, in the area surrounding it or in both. What a wonderful dilemma to have.

Marlon Walker

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