Dresses, Tresses and facials Achieve the Perfect Wedding Look

Dresses, Tresses and facials Achieve the Perfect Wedding Look

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and all brides want to look picture-perfect. From the dress of your dreams to the hair style that adds the finishing touch, every last part of your wedding look needs to be carefully crafted to give do justice to the beautiful bride. Read on to hear more about the best dresses and tresses for your big day.

How do i look in this?

During the wedding you will constantly wonder how do i look in this and what do other people think of me.  Once you get the wedding plans ready, your dress, hair and transport maybe look at a Gloucester Botox appointment through links like http://doctorkate.co.uk/gloucestershire-botox-treatments/.

From Sleek to Fairy Tale

Wedding dresses come in all varieties, from sleek and chic to classic fairy-tale style. Colour is another area with lots of choices, with many brides opting for the classic cream or ivory, a few looking at white and an increasing number turning to alternative colours such as soft pink or lilac. Silver is always a stunning accent colour, while gold is another option that always turns heads.

Wedding Dress Designs

Beautiful wedding dress designs include off-the-shoulder dresses, which are ideal worn with a bolero or pretty shrug in winter months. These dresses are some of the most popular right now, with spaghetti strap dresses also popular. For brides looking to cover upper arms, three-quarter-sleeve dresses are another idea which can be stunning in lace.

There are many websites that can offer great advice on wedding day styles. Websites can not only showcase the best wedding styles of the year with photos, but also include many ideas for jewellery, shoes, flowers and even venues.

Vintage Fashion

Many brides are also turning to vintage fashion for their wedding dress, as discussed in this article in the Guardian. This lets you wear ‘something old’ to go with your something new, borrowed and blue. Another idea is to wear your ‘something old’ in your hair as part of your wedding hair style. Gorgeous hair designs include cascading waterfall designs for long hair to sparkling tiaras which look wonderful perched on top of shorter hair styles.

Wedding styles come in and out of fashion, but beauty is always in style. Achieving the perfect wedding look is easy because a bride’s radiant smile will always be the best accessory. Whatever your favourite look, from traditional fairy tale to modern chic, you can gain all the inspiration you need from innovative wedding style websites and creative magazines.

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