Current fashion trends for men

Current fashion trends for men

This article will give a few examples of fashion trends for men for the seasons of spring and summer of the year 2020.

Satin has become a popular material for men as it gives that overall glossy look and feel. It was aa favourite for womenswear designers back in the 50s but has made a comeback in men’s fashion, giving the fabric a new lease of life. The trend accelerated in Paris where designers have created elegant satin suits and overcoats. Satins shirts have also become chic and give off a “sexy” look. EJ Menswear have a large range of mens designer shirts.

Another fashion trend for men includes wearing boxer shorts as shorts. Designers created this look for a more intimate aesthetic. The best boxer shorts can be found in a range of fabrics and tie in with the satin trend too. However, this trend is limit to high summer, weekend- only looks.

Mens cargo pants are making a comeback as it was more for the 90s. These come in a range of styles, such as cinched waists or more loosely fitted. Cargo pants can also come in a range of colours, such as dark browns to light blues or reds. The best type of cargo pants can be found in Paris.

This year, bowling shirts took the limelight on the runway in London. It gives off more of a casual look with a pair of shorts or can be dressed up depending on the material.

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