Male Pattern Baldness Coming to Terms with Being Bald

Male Pattern Baldness Coming to Terms with Being Bald

Baldness is something that happens to many men in the UK. Male pattern baldness is a common hereditary genetic condition, so if your father is bald the chances are you will probably go bald around the same age.

When it comes to baldness, many men are happy to embrace it whereas some like to get help to restore their hair – with toupees or scalp micropigmentation for example. There is no actual cure for hair loss caused by this, but a lot of modern techniques are great at giving the illusion of hair and some men even have a hair follicle transplant.

Baldness is seen by many people as a sign of old age, but the truth is many men start to lose their hair at a relatively young age, with a significant amount already starting to notice a receding hairline or hair on the top of their head thinning before they even hit the grand age of twenty!

Male pattern baldness is very common, and it is estimated to affect around half of all men in the UK by the time they get to age fifty. So, it is certainly not something that you need to feel is happening to you alone!

When you do start to lose your hair and embrace the baldness there are some things that you should remember to do – apart from not having to spend money on shampoo anymore! You should remember to apply sunscreen to the head, especially when hair has not long been lost as the skin will be sensitive and not used to sunlight.

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