Finval Evo 475: a great choice for all fishing enthusiasts

Finval Evo 475: a great choice for all fishing enthusiasts

Many people have a hobby for which they do not spare either time or money. And fishing is one of those activities. Fishing fans spend huge resources on the purchase of spinning rods, fishing rods, tents, and other fishing equipment. But the most avid anglers dream of buying a boat that will allow them to get to distant fishing spots and feel the full power of large fish that live in deep water.

Finval offers a variety of aluminum boats for different budgets, but today we will talk about one of the most demanded models – Finval 475 Evo.

Main characteristics of the boat

A fishing boat is different from a pleasure boat or any other watercraft. After all, it must foremost provide comfort during the fishing process, have stability, and sufficient width for several people and tackle. These are the parameters that Finval 475 Evo has.

The boat has the following performance characteristics:

  •         the width of the aft platform – 1,92 m;
  •         the length from bow to stern – 4,72 m;
  •         capacity – 4 passengers;
  •         the ability to install a 60-75 h.p. motor.;
  •         built-in livewell for 65 or 90 liters;
  •         lifting capacity of 430 kg.

The wide aft podium allows even for several fishermen at the same time to comfortably accommodate all the tackle in the chosen place. You can also appreciate all the advantages of such a podium at the moment when you hook up a large fish, and you will need the help of a friend with a landing net to pull it out.

Boat layout options

The boat is available in two configurations:

  • Finval 475 Evo JS (Jump Seats) – has two full front seats and two folding rear seats. Due to this, the aft podium is increased, and a regular place for storing the awning is also provided.
  • Finval 475 Evo SP (Stern Platform) – has an enlarged cockpit and a shorter podium at the stern, due to which there are four full-fledged seats inside. In the bow and central part, there are lockers for things.

An important element in any fishing boat is lockers because every angler has a whole arsenal of different tackles, accessories, baits, and various little things. Finval 475 Evo has 2 rod storages for 4 rods up to 2.9 meters long. Also, there are extra lockers in the stern and bow, where it is easy to place the entire fishing arsenal of four passengers.

The basic complete set of the boat does not include transport and navigation awnings, LED cockpit lighting, spinning holders, cup holders, special fishing seats, and some other elements. Their installation must be paid separately.

Speed and maneuverability of the boat

Finval 475 Evo is considered to be one of the fastest fishing boats in its class. It is completely made of aluminum with a thickness of 3 mm and weights 510 kg. Depending on the installed motor, it can easily gain a speed of 57-62 km/h. At the same time, the special design of the bottom allows the boat to maintain excellent controllability even at high speeds and with a full load.

Finval 475 Evo is a great choice for the angler. Test it personally and you will fall in love with this boat forever.

Marlon Walker

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