Flower arrangements for weddings: ideas to decorate!

Flower arrangements for weddings: ideas to decorate!

Wedding flower arrangements can be simple, vintage, or elegant and can be used to decorate the church or a civil marriage. Find out what types there are, which ones you need and how to get them. All the tips are in the same place!

Colombia is known worldwide for the variety and beauty of its flowers. With more than 40,000 species, some of them endemic, that is, they only grow in their soils, and they are exported to more than 80 countries. With this advantage, by including flower arrangements for the wedding, the event will be unforgettable for everyone, as it will give a fresh and romantic touch to your celebration.

Wedding flowers: how to know which ones are perfect

Don’t worry! They should not be experts in flowers to know which ones make them vibrate and which ones do not. A good way to start with this task is to define what the colors of the marriage will be, so they will know what type of flowers and tones will be in harmony with the entire atmosphere of the celebration.

Also make a list of the people who will need to bring flowers, for example, the bride, the bride’s mother, the bridesmaids, the groom’s boutonnière, the groomsman’s flower arrangement, etc. Choosing the flowers that will be part of them will later allow you to choose the ones that will give life to the party.

Remember that the style of your marriage will also be the starting point to knowing what flowers you need. For example, if you are going to have a very sophisticated celebration where glitter will be the protagonist, you will need elegant wedding flower arrangements that are generally arranged in tall glass containers.

On the other hand, floral decoration for vintage weddings will require elements such as painted cans, glass bottles -which can be of different sizes- and even pewter jugs to serve as bases.

Floral Arrangements For The Ceremony

The arrangements of the church decoration with flowers for weddings are usually located on the way to the tabernacle, on its chairs, and on the altar. The white color is the most used in religious ceremonies, which is why flowers such as hydrangeas, lilies, and, of course, white roses predominate. If they are a slightly more daring couple and decide to use colorful ones, they will undoubtedly have a very nice contrast between the warmth of the place and the flowers.

On the other hand, the floral arrangements for civil marriage that decorate arches can be compositions of plants such as eucalyptus branches, ivy, and particulate. A decorative element that will make a difference and will make them feel like they came out of a story.

Flowers For The Reception

The first piece of advice about these wedding arrangements is to visit the space beforehand so that they can visualize the celebration, so it will be much easier to know what they need.

If the reception is indoors and you want a classic atmosphere, the recommendation of the experts when it comes to wedding centerpieces is that they are round and small with flowers such as roses or a “bridal veil”, as they are the most versatile.

If, on the contrary, you are thinking of something showier, you could opt for topiaries with flowers such as lilies, daisies, or roses. These tall arrangements can be accommodated to any style of marriage, for example: if you are looking for something tropical, you could use a wooden base with foliage on top; Or if you prefer a more sophisticated decoration.

They may be thinking of a country-style marriage. Ideally, the decoration should match the environment. Here they can play a little more with the colors of the arrangements and decorate with wild plants such as birds of paradise or maracas.

Floral Decorations That Steal Admiration

They can play with flowers to beautify other spaces. No one is going to say: “There are too many flowers!”, so take advantage and decorate every corner. For example, designate a spot with enough space for your friends and family to take turns taking some fun photos with a flower-filled background, but how can that natural wall be? It can be a wooden trellis on which roses or hydrangeas are located along with abundant vegetation.

Remember the dessert table, the bar, the entrance, and the place where the book will be for signatures. The wedding flower arrangements that you put here should be in accordance with what you have chosen for the centerpieces.

Adding candles to the decoration, especially if the reception is at night, will create a romantic atmosphere and help to highlight the tones of the floral compositions. Something as simple as putting the candles in small glass containers will give a warm and close atmosphere to the celebration.

Floral Arrangement Packages For Wedding

If they are clear that what they want are natural flower arrangements for a wedding, a good option when choosing these flowers is to think about the climate of the place where the ceremony will take place, since the species vary according to the season.

In a warm climate, you will find lilies, jasmine, roses, and lilies. For their part, in a cold climate, they will have tulips, orchids, lilies, and magnolias. Remember that flowers that are not in season can be more expensive.

A florist will be your right hand to make better decisions because they will know how to make floral arrangements.

The Budget For Flowers

Where do you want floral decorations? Begin by making a list of those places, details, or accessories that you do or do consider should have them. Then, they will be able to discard which ones are not essential.

Now, to save on the marriage budget, they can make a combination of inexpensive wedding flower arrangements with more expensive ones if they fell in love with one in particular.

The other alternative to stay in your investment and not exceed the expense is that you not only focus your attention on the flower arrangements for centerpieces but rely on other decorative elements to accompany them, for example, candles, vases, chandeliers, lamps, or picture frames as markers.

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