Hairdressing secrets: bridal hairstyles based on hair length

Hairdressing secrets: bridal hairstyles based on hair length

How much will it affect the length of your hair if you want to make a bridal hairstyle? We asked the expert hairdressers who work in the salons of Rachele Parrucchieri, MT Style, Old & Red Parrucchieri every day. Among the answers, we have received. There are some that really struck us: it is not just about half-picked bridal hairstyles. But also about style and even bridal bouquets. We offer you the following.

Are there any types of “standard” hairstyles?Hairdressing secrets: bridal hairstyles based on hair length

There are techniques that allow you to create buns, tails, weaves or knots. These can be considered the basics of every bridal hairstyle collected. But then all the chosen elements are combined. And customized according to the desired style: for MT Style it is important to remember that these “standard bases” determine not only the shapes but also the holding a hairstyle. The team of Rachele Parrucchieri instead prefers not to speak of “standard” hairstyle. But of preparation fold (smooth, moved or with frise). Which is carried out according to the client’s request for combing. For Francesca of Old & Red Hairdressers, the starting point is, however. The length and based on that one tries to realize a “harvest” more or less elaborate, taking into account the tastes of the bride, the dress she will wear and the physiognomy of the face.

Does the hairstyle need decorations?

It does not need it, if the hairstyle is well done, however, the decorations will help to personalize the style. “I personally love to place fresh flowers on bridal hairstyles. Usually combined with a bouquet of flowers. Or jewelry accessories appropriately matched to the parure and dress”, Maddalena of MT Style told us. The team of Rachele Parrucchieri works according to the bride’s personal requests. Trying to add to the hairstyle the accessories that enhance the particularities, without overwhelming her. Francesca from Old & Red Parrucchieri is also of the same opinion: “we personally prefer to recommend fresh flowers and we usually never exaggerate with additions. So that our creation is valued, thanks to the elegance and cleanliness of the work done “.

Tips based on the length of the hair?

Yes: to unleash your creativity and demonstrate your skill. The length of the hair, in fact, does not in any way limit the possibilities of creating something beautiful: on the one hand, there are splendid bridal hairstyles for short hair, on the other today “you can really do everything thanks to the application of extensions a clip or keratin ”, says Maddalena. For the Rachele Parrucchieri team, on the other hand, there are no stories: long hair makes it possible to create hairstyles with different styles and to better satisfy the various requests of the bride. Francesca is also of the same opinion, admitting that the length allows her to work more widely, while the hair is short, the more it is limited. She also appoints the possibility of applying for extensions, but warns: the length and quantity of hair must allow the application to be hidden!

How do you measure the complexity of a hairstyle?

We thought that the complexity of the hairstyle increased as long as the hair was long. But we discovered that we were wrong. In particular, Maddalena from MT Style explains that the longer the length increases. The easier it will be to make a bridal hairstyle for long hair. As the possibilities are many. Rachele Parrucchieri confirms everything: it is the quantity and quality of the hair that determines the complexity of a hairstyle, not their length. On the contrary, the latter gives the possibility of creating more elaborate hairstyles. And allows for space in style. For Francesca of Old & Red Hairdressers, the hardest thing is to establish how she should be dressed a bride. As many times the girls arrive in the living room already with their ideas and, feasible or not, it is hard to change them.

Do we bet that now you would like to try all the possibilities on your hair? At the cost of staying hours and hours at the hairdresser? The advice we give you is to first choose the wedding dress and, even before, identify very clearly the style you want to give to your wedding. Only then will you easily decide all the other details: not only the right wedding shoes but also the reception menu and all the arrangements.

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