Some irresistible wedding dresses with round neckline

Some irresistible wedding dresses with round neckline

Dedicated to the woman who wants to enhance her femininity in a natural. And controlled way, the round neckline proposed on simple wedding dresses remains one of those refined. And classy details that the wedding fashion scene will hardly be able to abandon! This type of neckline, which has its roots in the clothes of the second half of the nineteenth century, is now presented on models with different lines and looks, charming and very elegant. Are you still looking for the perfect wedding dress for your wedding? Then don’t miss our gallery with the best proposals selected especially for you!

Provocative necklines or delicate crew neck?Some irresistible wedding dresses with round neckline

Looking at the photos of the latest fashion shows it is easy to see how the necklines from the round line are so different from each other, first of all for their depth! The designer Anna Ceruti, for example, offers lace wedding dresses with soft and deep decollete. In a seductive outfit of refinement and elegance. In this case, the wide neckline allows exalting the decollete in a polite manner. And without excesses, leaving space also to the possibility of exhibiting a precious necklace or a very bright light point.

Totally opposed to this typology are the dresses created by Justin Alexander. Where the decollete remains covered by a minimal crewneck bodice. Like the American brand, there are many designers who have opted for the same philosophy, creating high -necked and more sober-looking models: here we can see how a new vision of modern sensuality is appearing. Where what remains hidden is much more fascinating of what he sees, in a trend that unites mystery and seduction.

Pure and linear

The trend of minimalism, made of clean cuts and clean lines, was again adopted by designers. And creatives who were able to seize the opportunity by showing essential. And delicate dresses, where the favorite cut is the petticoat, emphasized by the purity of the soft neckline round. One example is the collection signed by Valerio Luna which stands out for its dresses with a wide U-shaped neckline. And a slid line, without any ornament or decoration but characterized by an unprecedented elegance. Does “Less is more” mean anything to you?

Enriched with precious details

In opposition to the trend of minimalism, the latest collections offer an overview of sophisticated models rich in precious details. Where the finishes of the round necklines are no longer just simple lines. But become real works of art.

And what good is it than to wear other jewels when the details of the necklines are laid down by law? The head director of the Atelier Marie Claire is certainly convinced that he used the same trick to propose a provocative. And far from trivial sensuality. It is one of the best wedding dresses with round neckline.

His proposal is that of a mermaid wedding dress that adheres sinuously to the figure. Where the flesh-colored tulle bodice is adorned with three-dimensional white roses. Finally, all the attention is focused on rigorous and sober choker. Which is accentuated by some of these little roses placed here? And there on the very light tulle, in an apparently casual but undoubtedly well-kept manner.

Sleeves: yes or no?

By now you were convinced that the round neckline was fine only on dresses with thin straps. And that’s how suddenly … “Hey! And what’s that?” You came across a beautiful winter wedding dress with long sleeves. Which left you absolutely speechless!

The beauty of the round neckline is indeed this: it knows no limits, it is versatile. And reaches the pinnacle of its charm both on very light. And sleeveless dresses and on models where the arms are veiled by a layer of thin fabric.

Still having doubts about your choice? Take a look at Inmaculada Garcia’s innovative proposal! The round neckline of the dress is embellished with beads. And glitter sequins from which veiled chiffon sleeves open. Which glide along with the whole figure as if they were precious fairy wings, in a clever play that combines refinement and meticulous sartorial attention. It is one of the best wedding dresses with round neckline.

In addition to being the solution most loved by women who want to bring out the face, perhaps with a beautiful bright and shiny bridal makeup, the round neckline is good for everyone and allows you to lighten the figure. Browse through our gallery and try it!

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