How to Choose a Colour Scheme For a Wedding

Planning how to choose a colour scheme for a wedding can be one of the most exciting parts of planning your wedding. You want everything to be perfect so choosing the perfect colours for your wedding is going to take some time and thought. Your wedding will be a reflection of your taste, and what you want to get out of your wedding. The colours you choose for your wedding are going to make a big impact on the way people think of you and your wedding, so taking the time to choose the right colour scheme is important. For a Kent Barn Wedding, visit The Plough at Leigh

Wedding Charter Reception Hero 2 Credit Sally Wood

When you start thinking about how to choose a colour scheme for a wedding you will realise that it is very important to think about the atmosphere you want for the wedding reception. If you are having a formal wedding, you will be looking for something a little more elegant than if you were planning an informal wedding. Formal weddings can have a lot of decoration, so you will want to choose decorations that go with the mood you want for your wedding. If you are having a beach themed wedding then you may want to try to find some palm trees, and sand castles to decorate the tables.

Beautiful spring wedding flowers adorned the top table at this rustic wedding at Sandhole Oak Barn

Formal weddings can have a lot of preparation, and if you want to have a relaxed and fun wedding reception then you will probably want to choose a less formal mood for your wedding decorations. As well as looking at the colours you will also need to think about the textures and fabrics you will be using in your wedding.


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