Wedding Decoration: How to choose your wedding theme

Wedding Decoration: How to choose your wedding theme

Thematic marriages are fun, original and always surprise the guests. The chosen theme is a key point for the decoration of the marriage; it must be present in the ceremony, also in the decoration of the room for marriage, in the reminders, in the marriage cards and even in the banquet. Pay attention to the following ideas to choose your wedding theme.

14 ideas to choose the theme of your wedding

  1. T-shirt
  2. Movie marriage
  3. Venetian
  4. Arabic
  5. Circus
  6. Web 2.0
  7. Touch DIY
  8. Urban marriage
  9. Hippie chic
  10. White party or total white
  11. Neon marriage
  12. Retro marriage
  13. Casino
  14. Traveling marriage

How to choose your wedding theme- 1: T-shirt

If you enjoy plans surrounded by sea and sand, this theme is yours. Can you imagine your marriage with the tropical environment, mojitos, and drums by the sea? The beach is a beautiful, special and fun scenario for the celebration. For the decoration, you can use elements of the scenario such as shells, corals, coconuts, veils for the roof, which do not miss the torches to mark the roads and floral arrangements for the wedding. T-shirt


How to choose your wedding theme- 2: Movie marriage

Films are a magnificent source of inspiration to give atmosphere to marriage, we see weddings where the protagonists are the most tender and loving cartoons, as is the case with the characters of Up. Other films that have inspired marriages are, for example, the Great Gatsby, Alice in Wonderland, even Star Wars, there are endless ideas. Think if this theme fits your personalities and what you want to convey for your link.

How to choose your wedding theme- 3: Venetian

If you are fond of the mystery and elegance of Venetian masks, you can use this marriage theme to have a very special celebration. For the setting of the banquet or even for the crazy hour, use colors such as red, gold, black and white. The feathers, chandeliers, and pearls cannot be missing in the decoration to give that glamorous touch of the eighteenth century.Venetian

How to choose your wedding theme- 4: Arabic

Marriages inspired by the Middle East are entertaining, colorful and full of meaning. Regardless of whether you want a decoration for single or more produced marriage, the ideal colors for this are the red, blue, green and gold. In their bridal style, they cannot miss large earrings, golden shoes and an Arab dress for the bride. Decorate the reception with chandeliers, oil lamps, and containers in silver or gold.

How to choose your wedding theme- 5: Circus

Just by imagining it you already feel fun, a circus marriage is synonymous with entertainment. If you want a romantic wedding, use the colors pink, red and nude for decoration, but if what you want is a more striking marriage make use of stronger colors. Instead of incorporating table stations, you may have points where popcorn, cotton candy or caramelized apples are made. On the other hand, the invitations can also have that festive touch, as if they were the passes to enter to see the function. On the other hand, it is not necessary that you marry under a tent if you do not want it, that you have the most representative details is enough. For the hour of the party, if you wish, hire jugglers or trapeze artists.Circus

How to choose your wedding theme- 6: Web 2.0

Social networks are an important communication link in our time. If you enjoy them or are awaiting their updates, why not make a marriage 2.0? Well, to give that technological touch include decorative elements such as booths snapshots, centerpieces for a wedding, may be marked by Instagram posters, facebook or whiteboards with a hashtag to name each table.

How to choose your wedding theme- 7: Touch DIY

You have the possibility to personalize your marriage with handmade details. For example, cloth garlands, seating plan created in recycled wooden boxes, for wedding souvenirs handmade soaps, create original marriage cards with materials such as Kraft paper, cabuya loops, among others. Check with your suppliers the possibility of including this detail. Keep in mind also that this style combines very well with country marriages.Touch DIY

How to choose your wedding theme- 8: Urban marriage

For those who love the city, there is no doubt that it is the ideal option and place to make a marriage. To recreate that environment, use those elements that characterize your city or that you have as your favorite, or even referring to the honeymoon destination you would like to go to. Among the decorative details can incorporate: figures of some monument or emblematic symbol of the city use the flag or the colors of it to decorate the tables of the banquet or your presidential table. Posters with names of famous people born in that city that can be hung if it is a marriage in the open air.

How to choose your wedding theme- 9: Hippie chic

Do you think they are bohemian? Hippie chic marriages are ideal for couples who love the simplicity of things. This theme of marriage is characterized in the first instance by the styling: simple wedding dress, of vaporous fabric and that can include lace. Casual boyfriend suit, one shirt, and pants, in pastel tones, accompanied by waistcoat and bowtie, according to the tastes and intention of the couple. You can give it that touch of the sixties by using cushions and blankets in bright colors for the reception of the ceremony, a bow covered in fabrics, turquoise, salmon or sky blue tableware. And the best thing is that this style of marriage is very good to celebrate outdoors.Hippie chic

How to choose your wedding theme- 10: White party or total white

This theme is one of the most used for beach weddings, you can indicate to your attendants through the invitation card the dress code or dress code: look white to begin to give that casual touch, include a phrase to invite wedding as for example, “take out of your closet everything white you have, you will need it” or “so that you do not suffer thinking how to combine, just wear your full white suit”. Of course, the other details of the celebration must comply with this premise of total white.

How to choose your wedding theme- 11: Neon marriage

Different from the previous point, if you are the color and also iridescent, then you can set your marriage in these ideas. They will give you a wild and funny style, especially when the final moment of the crazy hour arrives. Your guests will be able to wear bracelets, hats, necklaces with this tone that shine in the dark, even if they are riskier they will be able to use them for the tables of their assistants. Neon marriage

How to choose your wedding theme- 12: Retro marriage

Do you like the times of twenty, thirty, forty or fifty? Well, this can also become an inspiration theme for your marriage. Follow the fashion standards for your wedding attire; choose an antique car to arrive at the ceremony, embroidered tablecloths, with floral figures and earth tones like yellow, coffee or beige. Remember to tell your provider to include that touch to the invitation card model.

How to choose your wedding theme- 13: Casino

Together you consider yourselves a fun couple and want to innovate with the decoration of the marriage; the casino theme could suit you. The idea is not to cram your celebration with decorative details, the simpler the better, that when the guests arrive at the ceremony they can immediately enter into context. Among the details to decorate you will find: giant dice, covered with poker cards, simulation of roulette or blackjack for centerpieces. The colors that predominate are red and black but can accentuate it with some gold so they can have a Las Vegas-style wedding.

How to choose your wedding theme- 14: Traveling marriage

Are you passionate about travel? Or has your love story gone through several flights? Then bet on decoration with this traveling theme. Decorate the reception using suitcases, paper airplanes, for the seating plan a world map, indicate the tables with the name of a city or country if you decide to give thank-you cards, the design of these can imitate the one of a passport or the ticket of an airplane.Traveling marriage

We hope you will like these ideas to choose your wedding theme. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!




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