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Five keys to choose the accessories for the groom

Five keys to choose the accessories for the groom

You have already chosen the wedding dress that you will wear on your wedding day. Well, previously men with this had enough to walk to the altar. But times have changed and today’s boyfriend wants to look modern, sophisticated and with a unique style that makes the difference. And it is the accessories or accessories that will help you stand out and shine in your day. For this, we give you five keys to choose the accessories for the groom.

Be clear that although times change, there are some rules that are still valid for certain suits (if strictly adhere to them) that you must take into account, as well as other completely versatile styles where you can bring character and personality with what you want to carry. In 5 steps we tell you all this and we present those elements that will make you a gentleman on your wedding day.

Five keys to choose the accessories for the groom

  1. Keys to choose the accessories for the groom-: Take into account the type of suit
  2. Keys to choose the accessories for the groom-: Accessories adapted to the style
  3. Keys to choose the accessories for the groom-: Functionality of each complement
  4. Keys to choose the accessories for the groom-: Know the protocol
  5. Keys to choose the accessories for the groom-: Tips to keep in mind

Keys to choose the accessories for the groom- 1: Take into account the type of suit

First of all, choose the outfit that best suits you and which suits you best, since the accessories, if you follow the established protocol, are sometimes linked to the costumes, especially if these are the morning coat, the tuxedo, and the frac.

The morning coat is subject to quite strict rules. The jacket is a single button frock coat, with flaps and semicircular tips on the back, giving it its characteristic appearance. A tie is used instead of a bowtie, and it is placed with a Windsor knot underneath a vest, which can be straight or crossed. The vest can be of various colors. At the bottom, the tailcoat is completed with black, gray or vertical striped pants, according to taste. The shoes are usually made of leather.

The next suit that is subject to rules is the tuxedo, which is the most recurrent set at gala parties. Wears a black or blue jacket and is straight cut and without skirts; the shirt, white and with a neck to place a bowtie, always black. The rest of complements also go in black, that is to say, the vest, the trousers, and the sash, that usually has some brightness.

As a maximum-label garment, the frac also has its limitations. The jacket is a frock coat that makes the difference for its silk lapels. In addition, it is of the horizontal cut, its skirts are pointed; it is shorter in front and appears open. Includes ivory piqué vest, black pants or vertical stripes and black shoes with laces.

Within the more or less formal dress, all these suits can be replaced by other so many casual cuts that are much more open to accessories. Thus, in these cases, any shirt, tie, bowtie, shoes, and other accessories are acceptable, keeping a certain rigor with the set, but always with a freedom to innovate.

Take into account the type of suit


Keys to choose the accessories for the groom- 2: Accessories adapted to the style

The style is an indispensable factor to complete your boyfriend look. It will depend on your tastes and preferences the choice of those accessories that will make you stand out on your wedding day. The advisable thing is that although; impose your style and nuances of your personality in what you will take, look for the harmony with the dress of your girlfriend, as well as with the decoration or theme of the event.

In case you look for alternatives and do not be too formal, as we explained in the point above, forget the conventions and investigate which option suits you best. In this sense, there are numerous styles that have nothing to do with the classic style.

Those who follow a hipster aesthetic, for example, choose jackets totally independent of the trousers (if they wear a jacket), colorful shirts, ties or bows with curious or funny prints, suspenders. Another style is the navy, inspired by the sea and the shipping culture; blue colors in the suits or linings with marine patterns, as well as accessories with related iconography, fit perfectly.

For bohemian or hippie weddings, which are usually held in rural resorts or on the beach, the bride and groom choose white floats or pastel tones, printing the sensation of freedom. The groom, who can opt for pieces of linen or, simply, for a shirt and pants of warm tones, some with flowers decorating their lapels.

The casual style represents freedom, so the groom can wear whatever he wants, all subject to his personality. If you want to get away from certain rules and give a less conventional air to your day, the choice of accessories is on your own and at your discretion.Accessories adapted to the style

Keys to choose the accessories for the groom- 3: Functionality of each complement

With the passage of time, designers have been employed more thoroughly in their work and have conceived a host of complements within those that already existed.

Tie: Before starting, it is important to know that the usual ties, with the wide spade, have been added so many narrowers, to the point of respecting the same thickness from top to bottom. The solid black tie is elegant and sticks with everything, so it’s never a bad choice. However, printed ties, striped or with some subtle prints and others more risky for less conventional looks, very preppy style, take center stage.

The cotton ones have returned to the fashion to stay with different patterns and classic-modern look, which is carried now. The knitted knitwear has also done so, with the vintage look par excellence, many of them finished in a straight cut parallel to the ground. These are ideal for more revolutionary boyfriends who ignore the rules.Functionality of each complement

Bowtie: There are two large families, although, within them, the options are similar. They are divided into the ready tied or clip and the self-tie (which must bind yourself). The first one is more informal and they are not advisable (not to say that they are prohibited) with tuxedos.

In terms of materials, the most elegant fabric used in events is silk, especially for tuxedos (Black Tie or White Tie or tuxedo), but cotton, knit and wool, more informal, are stomping and adjust perfectly to any outfit. In the latter, prints are common, although the plain ones also have a large audience.

Cufflinks: When you decide to put on a suit, this includes the double cuff shirts, ready to carry cufflinks, so if you opt for this clothing, get ready to wear these accessories. Obviously, suits far from the label do not require cufflinks, although you can always use them.

As for the shape (or the way they are placed), you have them of a light bulb, clip, button and a variety of options even personalized. However, at the time of fixing the types, the material, and the design bring a greater division. The standard twins have less personality, are of economic material and are manufactured massively.

From here, everyone has their specialties. The enameled ones are of brass treated with rhodium and Enamel, and those of brass and stones include a very special piece in their composition. Then you have the silver ones, the carbon ones (resistant and light), sapphire crystal, Kevlar, copper or rubber.

Vest: Vests are mandatory in tuxedos. In the morning coat, this accessory can be seen in gray, yellow, green, purple and blue. In the tuxedo, the vest is black and matches the rest of the suit, while the tailcoat needs the ivory pique to perfectly complete your outfit.

In a less formal context, the vest comes in different types, but almost always combined with the rest of the suit, composed of three pieces that, normally, increases the sophistication of the set. We also find other vests that go out of the norm, or that, simply, look for a revolutionary note in the set, with floral prints or pictures, and some colors that combine with the chosen suit.

Belt: There are leather belts, braided belts, and canvas belts, but for a wedding, we always recommend leather, smooth and with a simple buckle, because it is elegant and sober. The belt should be used as a decorative element, as it only serves to complete. The colors for a wedding are black and brown, combined with your shoes.

Boutonnière: This small floral arrangement is used in the groom’s look to give it a more romantic style. It is usually worn in the buttonhole of the left lapel of the blazer or jacket. As well as almost everything, it presents its classic version and also an alternative, the latter is usually used more, since it allows combining the floral arrangement with other elements such as ribbons, buttons, feathers, figures, etc. The important thing is that it matches the bouquet of the bride and the decoration of the wedding.

Handkerchiefs: Some grooms usually wear them in their lapels or pockets, and although the rule says that these elements should never be combined, because of the risk of looking excessive, knowing how to do it will bring you a lot of styles. It is recommended for casual outfits, which are not governed by the protocol. Pocket handkerchiefs have become the ‘must have’ in men’s suits, to the point that they pay attention to the tie or shoes, finding them in various materials such as silk and cotton, and in many colors and prints.

Braces: Formerly associated with old-fashioned men, today they have reappeared and brought a touch quite modern but with the essence of the man of yesteryear. They are of a single color or combined, leaving real surprises in some looks.

Stockings or socks: Outside it is that the socks are secondary, today they gain prominence and relevance in the world of fashion and the styles do not stop. For your wedding, you can do what other couples do and take advantage of this facet, since some choose socks in bright colors, curious and fun prints. It can be combined with the tie or the bowtie if both share a special color. Other boyfriends, however, prefer that the color of the stockings combine with their shoes so as not to attract too much attention. It’s up to you!

Watch: Perfect accessory for the couple, preferably with three needles, since it gives a more sophisticated look to the wrist and combines better with the suit in a moment of these characteristics. The recommendation is that, at least, have the leather strap (brown or black) before the metal.Watch

Keys to choose the accessories for the groom- 4: Know the protocol

We have already seen the protocol that certain garments follow, but it is also interesting to know what is appropriate according to the moment of celebration, that is, day or night.

The morning coat is a garment that refers to the English gentlemen riding on horseback, a practice that took place during the day. Thus, the garment must be used at weddings held during the day or in the early afternoon, since it includes a tie and protocol rules place the bowtie at night.

The tuxedo, being a party dress, is used at night, as it is the dominant note at dinners and gala events. Knights of the nineteenth and twentieth century used it to go smoking (smoking) in the big houses after dinners, for that reason it is known by that name. So, if you wear a tuxedo, better do it if the wedding takes place late in the afternoon or at night. Of course, the bowtie, in this case black, is the star element.

The tailcoat, the highest tag piece, is only used when night falls. This is the garment that best fits the private events that require a dress code, which is specified in the invitation. Very close to the aristocracy, the protocol is really strict, and the bow tie used is white. Obviously, these post meetings are not given during the day, so you know.Know the protocol

Keys to choose the accessories for the groom- 5: Tips to keep in mind

Always look for comfort before everything, it’s your day and therefore you should not only feel happy but very comfortable with your suit and the accessories that accompany it.

If you are one of those who do not follow the protocol and prefer something more relaxed (without losing the elegance that the event deserves), lean towards something less formal, a 3-piece suit. So it is much easier to play with accessories such as bowtie, handkerchiefs, pins, socks, among others.

If, on the other hand, you want the word distinction to define you on your wedding day, opt for the more traditional costumes that we indicate: tuxedo, tuxedo or morning coat. That yes, you must follow the label at the bottom to not clash with the rigor required.

Be true to your style and print your personality to the accessories. If you want to get away from convention, do it and welcome creativity. Today, the universe of accessories and accessories is wide and you can adopt what you like and translate it into your wedding. Never forget the harmony with your girlfriend.Tips to keep in mind

We hope you will like these tips to choose the accessories for the groom. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!

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