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Styling tips for a wedding

Styling tips for a wedding

Dressing for a wedding can be a minefield. With so many factors to consider – the venue, the weather, the formality of the event and so much more – choosing a wedding outfit can be a daunting prospect for guests.

An article in The Independent suggests that the average cost of attending a wedding as a guest is a whopping £391.00 and a significant amount of this is likely to go towards clothing, hair, accessories and beauty. So with a substantial amount of money at stake it’s important to make sure you get your style just right.

Here are some top tips on nailing a perfect wedding outfit this summer.

Break the rules

There’s no rule that dictates that you have to wear a certain style to a wedding, so why then are there always so many floral prints and pastel shades prevalent? Don’t be afraid to break the rules and stick to your own personal style – with a few appropriate tweaks you can make most outfits wedding-worthy.

Don’t do white

It goes without saying that you should never wear white to a wedding for the danger of upstaging the bride. But there’s no reason that you shouldn’t embrace pastels if that’s your thing. Ensuring that there are a few pops of colour and detail will clear up any confusion about who is the one getting married.

Something old

An expensive dress can be a great investment so don’t feel bad about rolling out an outfit you’ve worn before Farah Shirts like the ones from can be styled in a variety of ways to create a new look for every event you attend. It also makes for guilt-free shopping when you know a dress is going to be worn a lot.

Fake tan faux pas

A nice tan might leave you looking sunkissed and radiant at a summer wedding but leaving orange streaks on the bridal gown when you go in for a hug could land you in trouble. Forget the fake tan and aim for the real thing if you really want to be bronzed.


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