Wedding dress has 20 percent fall on spend

Wedding dress has 20 percent fall on spend

A recent survey has revealed that the amount spent on a wedding dress has fallen by 20 per cent; meanwhile, another survey suggests that the price of wedding dresses has fallen.

The rise of online shopping and the ability to compare prices quickly and easily online has made it harder for the traditional independent high street bridal store to compete with stores popping up online offering their own bridal ranges. This has reduced the amount spent on wedding dresses, as there is no longer so much pressure to save and save until you can afford to go into a store, try on a selection of dresses, find ‘the one’ and empty your purse – or your husband-to-be’s wallet – to secure the dress of your dreams.  You could contact an Equity Release Gloucestershire company from sites like palmer associates help with equity release gloucestershire requirements to afford that special day you have been waiting for.

Less spare cash with rising cost of living

People having less spare cash to splash on weddings; similarly, the rising cost of living has put the squeeze on dress manufacturers. To meet new demand, they have had to find ways to reduce the cost of wedding dresses at a time when less people are buying high-end designer dresses and more are choosing affordable options.

Bridal magazines are now including features on the best high street wedding dresses, which start from as little as £85 – or £275 for a more elaborate dress. This is a massive reduction when you consider that the average amount spent on a wedding dress is over £800 and some people can still splash out on an elaborate designer dress costing thousands of pounds.

Cheap no longer has to mean poor quality

High street stores have stepped up to fill the gap in the market between designed-to-fit-perfectly designer brands and the need for a pretty but affordable dress on a tighter budget. This has also reduced the number of people who would otherwise be forced to consider something secondhand and perhaps feel less of a princess on their wedding day. It has also opened up options to spend the savings on a perfect venue.
With the reduction in the price of wedding dresses, would you still splash out on a designer gown or would you consider the high street brands?

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