Royal Wedding Blunders Harry and Meghan Avoided

Royal Wedding Blunders Harry and Meghan Avoided

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married and their wedding went smoothly. But normally when you’re royalty, it’s never quite as simple as that. Read on as we round up the biggest royal wedding mishaps in recent history.  Once you have read these you will definitely want to watch them on your television to get the full scope of what happened.  To do this simply contact a TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham company found at links like  to come and hae a look at your aerial and see what the fault is.

Charles and Di

It was doomed from the off, and there were three or four major blunders at the wedding of Charles and Diana. To start with, a young bridesmaid tripped on the way in and began to cry. Then Diana managed to get Charles’s names in the wrong order.  Plus, to throw in for good measure, Princess Diana wore a heavy tiara that reportedly gave her a splitting headache all day long.

William and Kate

Even William and Kate’s seemingly fairytale marriage didn’t pass without a hiccup. The young prince only managed half an hour’s sleep, thanks to the noisy crowds outside together with nerves. That might explain why he forgot to take the handbrake off his father’s Ashton Martin as he drove it out of Buckingham Palace after the wedding. Earlier in the day a horse in the royal guard threw its rider off and caused a bit of a commotion, but the bit we’ll all remember, of course, was when a bored bridesmaid inadvertently photo-bombed a snap of the happy couple.

Elizabeth and Philip

Even Queen Elizabeth II couldn’t have a day without mishap, although this was not the fault of her royal highness, of course. In fact, it was a hairdresser who managed to break the Queen’s tiara, which had to be rushed off to be fixed.

The exact details of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel’s wedding are yet to be announced, although we do know that they will wed at Windsor Castle, a stunning venue that many brides will be jealous of.

We all thank the lucky stars that Prince Harry and Megan Merkel went off without a hitch.

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