Tips for choosing bridal earrings

Tips for choosing bridal earrings

All the details are important on a wedding day, so rest assured that what seems casual to you will have been carefully chosen by the bride and groom. In the case of the radiant appearance of a bride this is essential. Every detail makes the difference.

Bridal earrings are a very important accessory and it is necessary to choose carefully. If you had not considered this detail or you have problems deciding which earrings will look best on such a special day, here are some tips for choosing them.

First of all, do not get overwhelmed when choosing, there are many different types of earrings (long, short, attached). So you will surely find the one that best suits you and best complements your look.

The type of wedding dress is important when choosing earrings and other accessories for different reasons. If the style is, for example, classic, it is logical that the earrings are also classic. Since they are consistent with the style you have chosen. The neckline of the dress also influences the choice of accessories. If yours is strapless you can choose between two options, long earrings that enhance that type of neckline. Or simple ones, so as not to overload the look. In case you decide to wear a necklace.

As with the dress, the hairstyle is also an important element when choosing the earrings that you will wear on such an important day. Small, attached earrings are more flattering if you opt for an updo, while larger or dangling ones are used in more casual hairstyles, loose or semi-updos.

There are a thousand tips for choosing the type of bridal earrings in addition to what we have told you (height, material) but the important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful with them. That is the best proof that you have made the right choice.

What earrings are the most suitable for the bride?

Surely the jewel that keeps you awake at night is your wedding ring. But have you already decided which bridal earrings you are going to wear? You should not only take into account the simplicity or elaboration of the wedding dress. But also the type of neckline and the hairstyle that you will wear will define the best accessories so that you look perfect and brilliant.

Simplicity and discretion are always safe bets. But we are also here to advise you on how to wear other more striking pieces with style. Short hair, an updo and a back neckline admit longer and wider earrings than if you leave your hair free. As long as they are proportionate to the size of your face and ears, and the length of your neck. They will flatter your face and illuminate your skin. They will give a plus of femininity, but they subtract discretion. Do not let them hog the spotlight and take away your prominence!

If, on the other hand, your dress has a V-neckline, a boat neckline. Or a strapless neckline, and you opt for a medium and loose updo. It is the ideal time to hang the beautiful cultured pearl and zirconia choker that has been worn for generations in your family. You can accompany it with glued, round, or climbing earrings (essential for those who have more than one hole). But beware, loose hair will hide them if they are too small. Try on discreetly sized earrings.

Colors for your bridal earrings

Regarding colors, white gold and rhodium silver are ideal to combine with dresses in classic tones; and pearls and diamonds, are the gems par excellence. We do not discover anything new for you. However, you should not rule out rose gold and pastel shades. Other options can give you unexpected warmth.

Wide freedom if you wear shorts or pants. Girl, dare with what you want, you are marking your own style. You are a self-confident woman and you know well what is going on for you. Nobody like you to give a twist to your pearls, wear earrings with colored stones or combine long earrings with short ones, a trend that is sweeping.

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