Bridal bouquet for beach weddings: 8 ideas for you!

Bridal bouquet for beach weddings: 8 ideas for you!

Will you be celebrating beach wedding and are you already looking for suggestions for the bridal bouquet? First of all, consider that the flowers you choose must be heat resistant. Moreover, if you get married by the sea you will have already chosen a wedding dress with light and fresh fabrics … for the flowers, you will have to do the same!

Although nowadays you can find any type of flower all year round, we recommend choosing seasonal flowers. You will have three advantages: they will be fresher, you will spend less and your bouquet will exude that touch of naturalness in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

Here are 8 compositions for beautiful beach bouquets.

1. Bouquet of pink rosesBouquet of pink roses

In all its varieties, the rose is the queen of flowers par excellence. A classic that never sets, neither for perfume nor for color. For a day wedding on the beach, we suggest a bunch of pink roses of the same shade or in different shades. You will bring one of the most romantic flower bouquets ever … It is one of the best bridal bouquet for beach weddings.

2. Lavender bouquetBouquet of pink roses

An aromatic flower, beautiful and original both for its color and for its shape. You can use both fresh and dried lavender flowers, as they retain their appearance and aroma very well. Furthermore, they are very resistant to heat and wind that usually blows on the beach. It is an ideal flower for a marine wedding in a rustic style, not only for the bouquet but for all the decorations of the ceremony and reception. It is one of the best bridal bouquet for beach weddings.

3. Bouquet of bouvardia

The bouvardia is a small fragrant flower with bright leaves of intense green. Its petals are small and form clusters that are often used as a complement to other compositions, but for an elegant beach wedding, we offer a single flower bouquet. Depending on your dress you could opt for a more or less small round bouquet, or for a slightly cascading “messy” composition that will look great if you wear a mermaid wedding dress with a long train. It is one of the best bridal bouquet for beach weddings.

4. Bouquet of white roses with shells and starfish

Not only will you get married on the beach but the theme of your wedding will be the sea? The floral composition of your bouquet then cannot fail to include also characteristic elements such as shells, beads, corals, sea sticks and starfish. We offer you a romantic bouquet of white roses to which you can add these small marine details to complement your fresh look and in perfect harmony with the wedding theme. It is one of the best bridal bouquet for beach weddings.

5. Bouquet of sun shells

Are you organizing a particularly imaginative beach wedding? Here is a truly creative idea: a bridal bouquet of only shells! An unusual option that may seem excessive but, if calibrated well in the choice and composition of the elements, it will show you a beautiful bouquet that will leave everyone speechless. It will be the perfect “gem” if you have opted for a simple wedding dress to which will add a unique touch of personality.

6. Bouquet of dahlias and freesias

The dahlia is a truly wonderful flower, large, colorful and versatile since it presents many varieties and nuances. It is beautiful both alone and in combination with other flowers. For a beach wedding, we suggest you combine dahlias with freesia, a flower that blooms from spring to early summer but is also easily available in August or September and to play with shades of white to intense lilac. However, choose the one that best matches your wedding dress and wedding colors. It is one of the best bridal bouquet for beach weddings.

7. Bouquet of sunflowers and ears of corn

Marriage country from short wedding dress and Panama hat? This is the bouquet for you! Sunflower is the summer flower for excellence and is perfect for fresh, youthful and country- style weddings, even on the beach! It is a flower increasingly used to set up August weddings, its corolla is large and lively and lends itself well to compositions with other less showy flowers. We suggest combining it with small blooms such as green Craspedia, which blooms precisely in summer and holds up to high temperatures very well and to complement it with small ears of wheat to give it a further touch of originality.

8. Bouquet of pink peonies

For a beach wedding at the end of spring, we cannot but offer you the ultra-romantic bouquet of peonies. It is a beautiful flower, loved by brides, which blooms between April and June and is available in many shades. For a wedding by the sea, you could choose a maxi bouquet of light pink to magenta peonies, for a poetic but lively wedding and to complete a romantic look with a touch of exuberant color. You could also alternate peonies with hydrangeas, another beautiful flower typical of summer.

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